Track & Trace

Tracking and tracing product as it moves through the supply chain is a necessity for the safety of food.  Currently, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires each recipient of a product in the supply chain be able to know where product came from (one-back) and where it went (one forward).  We believe the time is fast approaching where consumers will demand to know the path all products have taken from farm to fork.

Track & Trace Introduction

Tracking critical events in your supply chain is the cornerstone of ReposiTrak Track & Trace. You enjoy real-time visualization of your supply chain. Watch the video for an introduction to ReposiTrak Track & Trace.

Increasing Supply Chain Visibility

ReposiTrak tracks data from existing documents, such as ASN, delivery receipts, invoices, bills of lading, etc. as a product changes ownership via movement through the supply chain. It combines this data with scan label data where possible, for increased accuracy.  Relevant data such as product name, identifier, from/to locations, date of shipment, quantity shipped, used, or sold, is pulled each time a product moves to a new location in order to provide visibility to its path.

What our System Can Do for You

Recall Visibility.  Quickly understand the scope of a recall using a geographical supply chain map overlaying an outbreak map, for example.

Product Location.  Using any associated identifier, ReposiTrak can locate a produced item.  It can also provide the producer, the production facility, and what batch/lot numbers are associated with each documented batch.  Production date and quantity delivered or received can als eceived can also be tracked.

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