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I have been asked to enroll. What do I do?

Enrollment in ReposiTrak is by invitation only. If you have been asked by a customer to enroll, please do so within 30 days. To get started, you will need your email invitation that includes your token in order to create an account. If you have not received the email invitation with your token, please contact ReposiTrak Support.

Once you have completed enrollment, please login to ReposiTrak and upload any required documents by clicking on the “Become Compliant” button in your Compliance Center.

I was recently hired, and the previous contact is no longer working here. How do I get login information for ReposiTrak?

  1. If you are replacing your company’s ReposiTrak Admin, you will need to contact ReposiTrak Support to have your credentials added into the system.
  2. If you are replacing a ReposiTrak User, your company’s ReposiTrak Admin will be able to add you as a new user in the system and delete the old contact.

I am new to SQFI and want to register for my first audit. How do I do that?

Companies that are new to SQF certification must first register with the SQF Assessment Database before their audit can commence. If you are looking for information about SQF certification steps and costs first, please visit

I need to Re-register for my SQF Certification. What do I do?

You can re-register for your next audit directly from the ReposiTrak system. Re-registering is easy. Just login to ReposiTrak and click the “My Company” tab. Under “My Facilities”, click the “Action” button next to the facility that you wish to re-register.

I can’t remember my user name and/or password?

Your user name is your email address. To obtain a temporary password, just click the Forgot Password link and one will be emailed to you.

How are SQFI and ReposiTrak related?

The ReposiTrak platform enables SQF-certified suppliers to manage the audit process from initial request and payment, through collection of results and reporting, in addition to powering the SQFI assessment database.