In-Store Deli/Bakery Delivers Improved Analytics

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In-store bakery and deli margins were drained by poor production planning & high shrink at over 20%.

Sales were flat vs. center store.


Fresh Market Manager
We forecasted hour-by-hour, store-by-store. We enabled uniform management of a core group of items across the chain, yet each department had the ability to adjust some SKUs carried by store.

Visibility & Analytics
Our insights at the store/item level enabled production planning across multiple sources (in-store, commissary, outside vendors) for consistent quality & freshness.


  • 23% improvement in Sales $ trend over 2 years
  • 25% improvement in Gross margin dollars (net of shrink),
  • 2% improvement in Gross margin percent
  • 23% reduction in Shrink units, 6% reduction in shrink dollar
We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.