Margin Price Control

Vendor Managed Pricing | VMP

Do you deal with a large, complex distributor network?  Do frequent price changes from each distributor end up creating a cost discrepancy nightmare within your pricing systems?  Can you tell if the distributor who shows up with the delivery is the one who’s authorized to be there?

For nearly a decade, we’ve managed over 2 million annual pricing changes from networks of hundreds of distributors who service thousands of locations. Retailers and distributors alike continue to reap the benefits of ReposiTrak Margin Price Control.

While maintaining your margin is no small feat, we go far beyond that, also.

  • Distributor Price Collection & Authorization Maintenance
    • We collect and delivery pricing changes electronically in real time
    • Accommodate brand owner integration
  • Auto-Price Generation
    • We generate store-level pricing using an automatic margin calculator and stored business rules
    • Accuracy is maintained between distributor, retailer and the brand
  • Centralized Ordering to Authorized Distributors
    • We send orders along the same path that the pricing was collected, only in reverse.
    • Authorized distributors receive only their stores’ orders, on time and accurately.

Let us tell you how we’ve accomplished this and how your distributed network can leverage years of expertise to maintain margin, improve sales, reduce out-of-stocks and stay competitive.