Conquering the Achilles Heel of the Online Shopping Experience

Substitutions caused by out-of-stock (OOS) items are the Achilles heel of online grocery shopping and leads to shopper frustration,...

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Retail Robots do Little to Address the Root Cause of the Multibillion-dollar Out-of-stock Problem

Retailers are making big bets on technology to identify out-of-stocks in stores, including store personnel-operated hand-held devic...

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Symbol for reducing a risk. Cubes form the word "RISK" while a hand turns a cube and changes the word "high" to low" (or vice versa).

Vet Prospective Vendors to Avoid Risk

The constant four-letter-word for retailers is RISK.  Avoiding it. Managing it. Eliminating it. In today’s litigious business climate, it is not enough...

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Surviving in Retail, During Crisis & Beyond

Whether you own a grocery store or shop at one, you already know the COVID-19 crisis has had a massive impact on the consumer produ...

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Traditional Retailers Need The Ability to Meet The Customer’s Immediate Needs

The recent news that three regional supermarkets — Earth Fare, Lucky’s Market, and Fairway — closed their doors should hardly come as a surprise. If anyth...

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Friendly beautiful cashier registering products while talking to female customer at checkout in a supermarket both smiling

Traditional Retail Survival Depends on Having Point-of-Sale Driven Replenishment

Are you still basing your store replenishment on historical sales? If that’s the case, you’re in for trouble. Consumer demand varies so much and so often ...

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Supplier – Become A Virtual Retailer

A food retail supplier doesn’t have to set up its own website and fulfillment operation to become a “virtual retailer.” By gaining visibility into store s...

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The Crawl-Walk-Run Approach to Fixing Out-of-Stocks

When retailers or their suppliers seek to address the pressing issue of out-of-stocks, they often jump into running a demand-driven supply chain and then ...

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Why Sourcing Compliant Suppliers is a Competitive Advantage

As retailers and grocers look to preserve their hold on shopper loyalty in the face of growing online competition, many are offering a wider selection of ...

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Amazon’s Private Label Forces Retailers and Brand Manufacturers to Work Closer Together

While industry pundits have warned that Amazon’s expansion into grocery poses a threat to the traditional food retailer, less attention has been paid to t...

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