Are consumers calling for more food traceability?

Since the FSMA 204 food traceability law passed in January 2023, companies who make, manufacture, pack or hold foods on the Food Traceability List (FTL) have been warming to the idea that traceability is here and that compliance is unavoidable. Compa...

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What the FDA isn’t telling you about traceability for nut butters

Nut butters can be found in nearly every department inside the average supermarket either as a stand-alone consumer product, or as an ingredient in other foods. Additional traceability recordkeeping is required for “all types of tree nut and peanut b...

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3 Ways FSMA 204 Is Transforming the nut butter industry – A Case Study

The FSMA 204 deadline is closing in and with it comes a new, stricter set of recordkeeping requirements for companies that manufacture, process, pack, or hold nut among other products on FDA’s Food Traceability List (FTL). One chocolate butters compa...

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The critical need for enhanced food traceability in the wake of massive beef recall

Recent E.coli contaminations highlight the need for better preparedness in all parts of the food supply chain The USDA has reported that over 58,000 pounds of ground beef may be contaminated with E.coli and therefore are being recalled. This...

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Produce Supplier

What Produce Suppliers Need to Know About Food Traceability, and Why Labels Just Won’t Work

Food traceability is a critical component of the produce supply chain. Most often today, information about the quality, contents and origins of each shipment is captured on labels. However as traceability requirements in the produce industry grow und...

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Why Your QA/QC Team Can’t Do Traceability Alone

On November 15, 2022, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finalized FSMA Rule 204. If your organization deals with foods including cheeses, nut butters, fin fish, bivalves/mollusks, domesticated chicken eggs, certain vegetables and more, you need ...

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The CEO’s Checklist for the January 2026 FSMA 204 Compliance Deadline

As a leader, you know that the food industry constantly evolves. Right now, we’re in the midst of the most sweeping food supply chain collaboration project in history, thanks to the FDA’s update to Section 204 of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FS...

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Navigating FSMA 204: Essential Steps for Soft Cheese Suppliers

Are ricotta, feta or cream cheese in your recipes or on your shelves? These and the many, many more cheeses listed on FDA’s Food Traceability List (FTL) are now subject to more food traceability requirements under Section 204(d) of the FDA Food Safet...

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Scan-Based Trading: A Game-Changing Solution for Retailers Facing Labor Shortages, Inflation, and New Product Demands

Retailers face three major problems today: labor shortages, inflation’s impact on costs of goods and the need to continually introduce new products to stay competitive. What if you could address all three of these challenges with one technology solut...

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Proof of Integrity: Compliance Management for Organic Food Companies

From consumer skepticism about supply chain integrity to stricter U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules and the troubling issue of Critical Tracking Event (CTE) adulteration, organic food producers and manufacturers face a multitude of challe...

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