For more than 20 years, ReposiTrak has been solving supply chain collaboration challenges that involve tracking products from manufacturer and grower, through warehouses and distribution centers, all the way to the retail store.

Food traceability is a small part of our widely deployed and proven supply chain and compliance platform.

Through the thought leadership of leading industry organizations and retailers, we’ve created a solution that is:

  • Easy to implement
  • Meets and exceeds the FDA’s FSMA 204 guidelines
  • The lowest cost with little impact to consumer pricing

The days of “one-up, one-back” traceability are over. Farm-to-table supply chain visibility is the new standard. Grocery retailers, wholesalers and suppliers will soon be responsible for millions of pieces of data–every day.

How and when you choose to take control of that data can either create a major obstacle…or a major traceability and sustainability win. Implementing full-scale traceability now is not only easy; it’s also an opportunity that forward-thinking businesses can’t ignore.

With the data you already capture and with little to no additional work, you can:

  • Gain unmatched visibility into a safer food supply chain
  • Tighten control on food waste
  • Implement a food recall response that saves lives and money…

All while fully complying with FSMA 204 mandates.

Join the Repositrak Traceability Network

Our artificial intelligence and optical character recognition technology automatically extracts data from your existing shipping and receiving records.

  • No need to change processes that are already in place
  • No new hardware or software
  • No labeling changes
  • No scanning changes
We do the work for you.

ReposiTrak is data-agnostic. It can extract and create the required Key Data Element (KDE) records using shipping and receiving documents in ANY format. You’ll achieve all-important FDA compliance with minimal effort, but that’s only the beginning.

The ReposiTrak Traceability Network can be any company’s key to a bright future in food safety and more

Food Safety Beyond FSMA 204 Compliance

There are many reasons besides meeting food traceability requirements to make sure you have a leading-edge traceability system in place. By using ReposiTrak, your company will reap significant rewards beyond meeting baseline standards.

What if product recalls could be shorter and less expensive? More importantly, what if you could better protect consumers from foodborne illness or worse? By making more data more readily available from more points along the supply chain, ReposiTrak helps more quickly identify the origins and current location of contaminated items.

This is true of EVERY product category. Not just those on the Food Traceability List (FTL). As a result, you can drastically cut product recall response time as well as expenses, while building trust with partners and consumers.

Tracking more makes more sense.

While others struggle to implement end-to-end traceability, new ReposiTrak users instantly gain the benefit of working with an established network of more than 350,000 suppliers, stores and retailers.

Not only does ReposiTrak provide unmatched visibility into your supply chain, our Al also captures expiration date data. You’ll have a better idea of the lifecycle of incoming and outgoing inventory, and you’ll spot trends sooner, enabling you to better manage inventory and more efficiently plan future orders.

Food waste is a billion-dollar problem. When food is wasted the labor, effort and energy that went into producing and shipping that food is also wasted. Capturing expiration date data along with the KDEs required under traceability guidelines helps cut that waste.

With ReposiTrak, your CSR efforts are that much more effortless. You’ll have unparalleled visibility into when products are nearing expiration, which makes knowing what to donate to food banks easier. And in the event of a recall, possessing granular data down to the lot code means you’re able to dispose of only those items directly impacted.

Why wait to get started? The old axiom ‘haste makes waste’ may never have been more true.

Consumers are savvier than ever. They want to know where their food comes from. They hold the places they shop to a higher standard and value transparency. They expect nothing less.

By implementing the most comprehensive traceability system, you’ll meet their demands for product-origin answers and reassure them of safety during recalls. Because you trust ReposiTrak, your customers can trust you even more.

When the companies you’re linked to along the supply chain see your swift response to recalls and proactive stance on expiration dates, they’ll not only appreciate working with a forward-looking, efficient and reliable company, they’ll also be held more
accountable for their own efforts in preventing and responding to recalls and other traceability issues.

The World’s Largest Supply Chain Traceability Collaboration Network
…at a Small Price

Every shipment containing any of the thousands of items – both on the Food Traceability List and not – requires a record of KDEs to be created, stored and forwarded at each Critical Tracking Event (CTE).

It sounds complicated and costly, but it doesn’t have to be.

With more than 350,000 retailer, store and supplier relationships, ReposiTrak provides strength in numbers.

Because we work together with thousands of companies and have invested in our network over the course of decades, we’re able to make traceability affordable. The ReposiTrak Traceability Network is FREE to retailers and wholesalers, with one small, fixed monthly price for suppliers that includes unlimited use within the network.

Make traceability work for you.
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Why ReposiTrak

  • Inventors of Scan-Based Trading, world’s largest SBT network
  • The only central platform where millions of data points are exchanged daily
  • More than 67,000 registered users
  • 55 million store/SKU perpetual inventory items managed
  • 9 million store/SKU daily forecasts and orders
  • SOC1 and SOC2 certified. Banking-industry-level security.

Comprehensive Recall Protection

While the 16 Food Traceability List (FTL) categories contain thousands of products, representing a wide array of potential sources of recalls, many common sources of recalls are NOT included. That means that even when you’re covered from a requirements standpoint, your operations are still vulnerable to food safety issues from a number of angles.

The good news is that once in place, the ReposiTrak Traceability Network can be scaled up effortlessly. You can just as easily apply the same data capturing practices to ALL categories. Therefore, protecting your company, and consumers, to the greatest extent possible.

Add to that the FDAs strong indications of eventual expansion of FTL categories and it’s in your best interest – as well as everyone else’s – to do more.

Traceability for Retailers and Wholesalers

The Challenge:

For thousands of Food Traceability List products, with every shipment, you will receive a set of unique KDEs, including lot code data. You will then have to create your own receiving KDEs by extracting data from whatever format or documents your suppliers send it in and link it with your receiving data.

In other words, you will need to sort through a massive, never-ending stream of supplier data and documents to extract the data you need. In some cases, suppliers could include lot code data on an electronic BOL; and for others, it could come in a cv file. After the data is extracted, it must be linked by lot code to your own receiving data, only then have you created the required KDEs for compliance with FSMA 204.

Lastly, all data and documents need to be organized and stored in a sortable spreadsheet to have ready for the FDA within 24 hours.

The Solution:

We will collect the shipping records from your suppliers, extract the required KDEs and maintain the data. We’ll create your newly required KDE receiving records by combining your existing receiving documents and the KDEs collected from each supplier shipment.

Traceability for Suppliers

The Challenge:

For every Food Traceability List item and every shipment to every customer distribution center, you will have to create and forward a new shipping KDE record.

You could put your shipping KDE record on a BOL, ASN, etc. but where in the document do you put it? What if Customer A wants it in one place and Customer B in another? Once you ship an item, your customers may be able to receive your BOL or ASN, but will they have a method of extracting the KDE? Will they have an employee manually looking for the KDE? Could their system automatically find the KDE in the BOL or ASN?

With hundreds or thousands of suppliers shipping items daily, your retail and wholesale customers can’t accept data in just any format. They will have to mandate uniformity of some sort to be able to comply with FSMA 204. What will you do if each customer wants data formatted and sent in a different way?

The Solution:
The ReposiTrak Traceability Network will take KDEs from existing documents and forward it to your customers the way they want it, automatically. Manually entered or via secure data transfers, we make it simple and extraordinarily affordable to comply with requirements and keep your customers happy.

What Do FSMA 204 Requirements Cover?

The 16 categories below are currently on the Food Traceability List. More categories are expected to be added in the future.
Given that many recalls involve products outside of these key categories, the better your traceability, the more prepared you’ll

  • Cheeses, other than hard cheeses
  • Shell eggs
  • Nut butter
  • Cucumbers (fresh)
  • Herbs (fresh)
  • Leafy greens (fresh), including fresh-cut leafy greens
  • Melons (fresh)
  • Peppers (fresh)
  • Sprouts (fresh)
  • Tomatoes (fresh)
  • Tropical tree fruits (fresh)
  • Fruits and Vegetables (fresh-cut)
  • Finfish, including smoked finfish
  • Crustaceans
  • Mollusks, bivalves
  • Ready-to-eat deli salads

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