When it comes to food safety and quality, risk is around every corner. Compliance and consistency are fundamental in preventing errors and protecting your brand. Your policies and procedures might be in place and your workforce trained, but if your data collection methods are paper-bound, your business is still vulnerable.

ReposiTrak Active QMS is a cloud-based food safety, quality and regulatory recordkeeping platform that stretches beyond the digitization of documents to an automated solution that can alert you when action is needed. For any process, ReposiTrak Active QMS can be used as a single source for assigning and managing tasks and corrective actions, exception redirects, reporting, dashboarding and more.

Effectively manage every critical task at every critical point in your operation.

Imagine temperature checks, swab-a-thons, sanitation, pest control,
equipment inspections, documentation and more
in one place at one time and the ability to check status when the need arises.

Unlock a new standard of quality and food safety with ReposiTrak Active QMS:

  • Audit-ready records available anywhere at any time
  • Record creation and task management in the palm of your hand
  • Automatic alerts for non-conformities and exceptions that need your attention
  • The ability to assign, complete, track and validate corrective actions faster
  • Awareness and visibility to the status of all of your quality and safety procedures in near real-time
  • On-demand training videos and guides, plus connect with the ReposiTrak Customer Success Team

Meet ReposiTrak Active QMS

Like all of our solutions, ReposiTrak Active QMS is accessible from anywhere at any time. Our ReposiTrak Active QMS smartphone app makes it easy to complete tasks and capture data at any critical control point throughout your operation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReposiTrak Active QMS?

ReposiTrak Active QMS is our cloud-based food safety, quality and regulatory recordkeeping platform meant to take the place of manual processes that are tedious, error-prone and outdated. Like all of our solutions, ReposiTrak Active QMS is accessible from anywhere. through our smartphone app, which is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

ReposiTrak Active QMS uses proprietary technology to create, collect, and manage the processes and protocols – such as temperature checks, swab-a-thons, sanitation, pest control, equipment inspections, documentation and more – that are vital to upholding your standards in quality and safety, as well as the integrity of your brand.

Why ReposiTrak Active QMS?

Today’s food supply chain operations are sophisticated, global, and interwoven. If your processes are still manual, it’s time to make a change. Creating, collecting and managing all the forms, records and paperwork required for food safety and quality compliance is time consuming, costly, and leaves too much to chance.

ReposiTrak Active QMS is a digital, cloud-based system with task management and recordkeeping technologies that adjust to match the needs of your businesses. Critical tasks like temperature checks, pH level measurements, and even calibration levels of equipment like metal detectors can be managed through ReposiTrak Active QMS. If a value is outside of your acceptable range, a recheck can be triggered and a notification sent, so that critical issues are immediately escalated and no time is wasted. Corrective actions are recorded and available for review at a moment’s notice.

ReposiTrak Active QMS supports all documents, process notes, photo and video uploads as well. Records sync automatically with ReposiTrak’s QMS records management module and complement our suite of solutions.

What are the benefits to my quality and safety team?

By reducing the need for paperwork and the subsequent tasks of organizing and searching for records, you can free up
your quality and safety team to focus on their other critical responsibilities. They’ll be able to spend more time on the
production floor and less time chasing paper.

Our user-friendly interface is optimized for viewing on all types of devices and is accessible from anywhere, at any time.
In addition, our ReposiTrak Active QMS smartphone app for both Apple and Android devices makes task management
easy, at the location of any critical control point in your operation.

The streamlined functionality of ReposiTrak Active QMS guides users through assigned tasks to produce easy-to-read,
audit-ready records. Users have instant access to automatic notifications, tracking alerts, and reports.

Can ReposiTrak Active QMS help me with the audit process?

Beyond the record creation and task management needed to uphold your operational standards, ReposiTrak Active QMS
keeps track of what auditors need, too. All of the inputs to the ReposiTrak Active QMS solution are visible and accessible
in near-real time. Once a task or measurement is recorded and saved, it’s automatically populated into your unique

The data from temperature checks, swab testing, sanitation, pest control, equipment inspections and more are neatly
organized and able to be extracted and viewed in a moment’s notice.

ReposiTrak Active QMS for your quality and safety operations

Simple, fast and effective process management
  • Launch assigned tasks from a menu or use QR codes to streamline sequential assignments
  • Easily modify or expand quality processes
  • Track nonconformance and process failures more effectively
  • Improve audit performance through better recordkeeping, management and retrieval
Automation significantly reduces errors and saves thousands of hours of time by:
  • Eliminating repetitive work transferring paper forms to electronic records
  • Accelerating accuracy and timely recordkeeping for routine tasks
  • Simplifying training for new employees
  • A more sustainable way of doing business, eliminating piles of paper records
Comprehensive Record Keeping, In Record Time
  • ReposiTrak Active QMS seamlessly collects compliance task completion, photos and specific details
  • Menus, picklists and open form fields make entry easy on a small screen
  • Once finished, the record is synced to the ReposiTrak QMS module in the ReposiTrak
Easy training
  • The ReposiTrak Active QMS platform and smartphone app provide step-by-step guides and training videos