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Park City Group is Helping Retailers Reduce Out-of-Stocks, Manage Risk and Increase Sales with the ReposiTrak Technology Platform


Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – October 7, 2019 Mr. Fields, what is the focus at Park City Group, today? Mr Fields: Our primary mission is to help retailers and their suppliers do a better job for ...

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Dealing With Distractions of DSD | Direct-store delivery can aid variety and service—but looking after it is a task. 

Publication: Winsight Grocery Business

Despite some high-profile supplier departures and a belief among at least some in the industry that stores might be better served dealing with fewer suppliers, consumer shopping trends portend a continued increase in direct-store delivery as a means ...

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Will local products save supers – or kill them?

Publication: Mass Market Retailers

Consumers have made it clear that they are looking for more local and specialty products in their neighborhood supermarkets. This is the most recent, and perhaps most pronounced, phase in the evolution of consumer tastes and preferences, a trend that...

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Direct Store Delivery Is A Deal With The Devil

Publication: Forbes

“When retailers allow a supplier to do direct store deliveries to their stores, they have made a deal with the Devil.” So says Randy Fields, the CEO of the Park City Group, and the former Chairman of Mrs. Fields Cookies. As a former retail executive ...

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Growing demand for local products leads to out-of-stocks

Publication: RetailWire

Inventories have ballooned nearly three-fold over the last two decades as localization has been embraced to protect market share and profitability. Yet, localization just might hasten the death of certain banners unless steps are taken to control the...

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Growing Demand for Local Products Impacts Inventory for Suppliers

Publication: CPGMatters

Consumers have made it clear that they are looking for more local and specialty products in their supermarkets. This is the most recent – and perhaps most pronounced – phase in the evolution of consumer tastes and preferences. It is a trend that star...

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What’s New in Retail Tech

Publication: Food Quality & Safety

Food retailers are now able to reduce shrink, and improve food quality and safety by harnessing advancements in technologies such as automation, cloud-based networks, the Internet of Things (IoT), and yes, robots. Schnuck Markets in Missouri has robots traveling the aisles three times a day to scan 1.5 million products, providing more accurate and comprehensive operational insight.

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Avoiding Supply Chain Compliance Confusion

Publication: Grocery Business

Retailers have more tools at their disposal than ever before to help ensure their shoppers’ safety. Supply chain compliance management has long been a term that strikes dread into gro­cers, imparting images of stacks of paperwork coupled with the nagging fear of a preventable foodborne-illness outbreak.

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The Compliance Beast Of Food Retail Supply Chains


Tightening regulations have introduced loftier compliance burdens to global supply chains, made even more complex and challenging as companies do business with thousands of vendors across borders. This is true for any industry, but perhaps even more so in the food retail space, where regulations can be as much about public health and safety as they are about money laundering and fraud.

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Taking Stock of Inventory Automation

Publication: Grocery Business

Properly integrated, the right warehouse and inventory management systems can help drive down out-of-stocks. The average supermarket has tens of thousands of SKUs. But shoppers are most likely to remember the ones that aren’t there. Out-of-stoc...

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