A successful shopper experience means
no frustration from out-of-stock products.

It’s estimated that stock-outs account for more than 4%
of lost sales every year. And customers who can’t find
what they want in your store, will almost certainly look
for it in another. Or even worse, online.

Automated Ordering

ReposiTrak offers a complete suite of solutions that can be used at ANY location along the supply chain.  How much horsepower you need is up to you. All solutions use a similar proprietary algorithm, can maintain a perpetual inventory, can generate orders by item and location, can operate alongside scan-based trading, and offer invoice automation.

Available as an end-to-end suiteEnterprise Supply Chain Planning can provide you with demand planning, distribution planning and can sequence your production line.

Need to fill a gap?  You may have a need to manage ordering more tightly at store-level, if you’re a DSD supplier just getting your feet wet in a scan-based trading program.  Or, perhaps your suppliers aren’t up to snuff with their orders into your distribution center.  No gap is too big, or too small.

Automated Ordering will help deliver shopper satisfaction by ensuring you have the proper amount of inventory on the shelf.

  • By automating replenishment orders, you can eliminate lost sales and stock-outs.
  • We give you visibility throughout the entire supply chain, to identify current and predicted out-of-stocks at the store level. By leveraging POS data to improve promotions, you can guarantee that you always have just the right amount of inventory on the shelf.
  • Reducing stock-outs translates directly to sales revenue growth.  Our automated ordering clients report increased unit volume, increased retail dollar volume and higher everyday sales for regular turn merchandise and promotional items.
  • Accurately ordering and replenishing merchandise also improves retailer-supplier relationships. By synchronizing point of sale (POS) data, suppliers can ensure that they don’t send too much or too little inventory to resellers. It’s a win-win for everyone!

As a pioneer in replenishment execution, we’ve implemented programs for countless retailers and their trading partners, and some of our customer relationships span more then 15 years.

Find out why some of the industry’s most respected companies trust ReposiTrak to optimize inventories with automated ordering.