Order Local to Get Local

Getting more local products into stores is on nearly every retailer’s list of competitive priorities.  But how do you ensure that the assortment in each store is optimal for the local market, and still control for cost and quality?

Using MarketPlace, stores place orders from curated product selections, with corporate control over order size and replenishment.  So you get all the benefits of store level product selection while maintaining central control.

Want to make sure you have enough St. Patty’s products in Chicago and Boston, and Mardi Gras merch in New Orleans and Mobile?

Let your store managers place orders in MarketPlace for products chosen by your merchandising team.

Stores can see all the products and place orders that go directly to your suppliers, who then ship directly to the stores. You get more local and event-themed products into stores faster, maximizing your promotions, traffic, and sales.

Sell more local and event-themed merchandise, while cutting thousands of hours from your process.    Speed Retail means getting local.   ReposiTrak delivers Speed Retail.