Food Safety and Compliance Management that actually works!

We do the supplier follow-up for you! Don’t wait for your suppliers to decide to do the right thing, let us save you time by calling them to quickly gain compliance based on your requirements.

  • Largest network, over 342,000 supplier-facility connections
  • A large percentage of your suppliers already use ReposiTrak
  • Endorsed by leading trade groups as the industry standard
  • Easily share documents within and outside our network

Whether you’re a retailer, wholesaler or brand owner/supplier, keeping your supply chain safe and transparent is not simply about regulatory compliance or food safety.  Financial, brand and regulatory risks are inherent in your supplier network, and managing risk effectively is simply what smart companies do to ensure their long term success.

The ReposiTrak Compliance Management Difference

One-Minute Compliance Check

In the time it takes you to read this page, you could know your total compliance management profile.

  • Need to report on your compliance program?
  • Want to easily prep for an audit or FDA request?
  • Need to evaluate compliance by document or supplier?

With ReposiTrak Compliance Management, you can do all of these things and more, in just a few clicks. Check your compliance in less than a minute with:

  • Easy to read reports
  • Graphical data presentation
  • Data exports to Excel

If you have documents in binders, paper files and various digital formats you are wasting a massive amount of time and compromising your effectiveness.  Why struggle with an antiquated approach with so much at stake?

We follow up for you

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

The key to compliance success is supplier follow-up.  That’s why we do the supplier follow-up for our Compliance Management customers.

If you find yourself:

  • Chasing suppliers
  • Leaving countless voicemails and unanswered emails
  • Sifting through an out-of-date contact list

Why not let us lighten the load?  After all, as a quality, food safety or compliance professional, don’t you have better things to do to protect your organization?

Our U.S. based professional team does the supplier follow-up for you, and you track our progress right in the application.

Class-leading technology, we do all the supplier follow-up and it’s all included in the price!  Why go it alone when you can have a complete compliance solution guaranteed to deliver the best results?  Check out some customer success stories in the Resources section.

Stress-Free and Successful Audits Start with ReposiTrak

Third-party audits are a fact of life for you, but you don’t need to tolerate;

  • Stressful days leading to the audit
  • Hard to retrieve supplier documentation and internal records
  • Long, distracting audit schedules
  • Low scores or failed audits

ReposiTrak knows audits, which is why we are trusted to power the SQFI audit database.

ReposiTrak users have dramatically more positive audit experiences, before during and after the audit.

  • Clearly documented Approved Supplier Programs
  • Quick and easy audit prep
  • Provide certification bodies direct access to your records
  • Shorter audit schedules, less distraction at your facilities
  • Higher audit scores and better results

Once you experience an audit as a ReposiTrak Compliance Management user, you’ll wonder how you managed it all before.  Let us share some stats with you on how we help deliver audit success.


FSMA is only the beginning. ReposiTrak Compliance Management gets results for:


  • Meet your customer requirements, save time and money managing your own suppliers and items, and easily share documents outside the ReposiTrak network.
  • Take the stress out of audit prep, and comply with FSMA, FSVP and Prop 65

Wholesalers & Distributors

  • Ensure your suppliers meet your Approved Supplier Program requirements
  • Save thousands of hours, easily track your progress to full compliance


  • Control regulatory, brand and financial risk across all your functions, even manage supplier diversity and environmental sustainability targets and reporting


We Know Where Risk Lives in Your Supply Chain…Do You?

Managing the risks associated with your supplier network can be costly and time-consuming, but ReposiTrak Compliance Management automates the compliance management process, so you can easily monitor your suppliers for safety and quality, liability and responsible business practices.

With ReposiTrak Compliance Management your suppliers are automatically notified of your compliance document requirements and they can upload documents directly into the system as easy as attaching a file to an email.

Your team can choose to have documents reviewed automatically, reducing workload so they can address risk in other aspects of your operation. And automatic notifications for document expiration dates and other key milestones reduce your risk exposure.

ReposiTrak is the only compliance management solution that includes Active Management support from a team of professionals who consistently follow up to ensure supplier compliance is achieved and maintained. We make thousands of calls and emails monthly, so you don’t have to.

Risk is inherent in your business. Let us show you where it lives in your supply chain.


Meet Our Partners

Ralston Creek Capital: Scan-Based Trading Financial Resource

Berrian Insurance Group: Could you be receiving an insurance discount by utilizing ReposiTrak?

Food Industry Counsel: We’ve partnered with an industry professional in the legal field to help answer your legal questions.

QSPS Consulting: Consult with best when it comes to food and beverage compliance.

ImEPIK Training: Need HARPC preventative controls training? Our partner offers this training online, and even provides a ReposiTrak discount.

ReCall Infolink: The number #1 recall software in the world.

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