Certificates of Analysis (COA)

Automatically Collect and Store COAs

Proactive, Preventative Quality Control

Manually collecting COAs through a variety of methods, then reviewing each individually is time-consuming and inefficient and increases the risk of product quality issues. ReposiTrak’s automated COA capabilities provide a better way by:

  • Vastly improving document quality and accuracy

  • Reducing the workload associated with inbound shipment controls as COAs are received in one path rather than through a variety of methods

  • Digitally collecting COAs for seamless accessibility to reports and internal tracking records

ReposiTrak’s Automated COAs Add Next-Level Transparency

Seamless accessibility to reports and internal tracking records

Automated COAs add tremendous value for compliance teams by enabling proactive, preventative quality controls for inbound ingredient or product shipments. Additional advantages include:

  • Turnkey functionality on the same platform as ReposiTrak’s Supplier Compliance Management and Active QMS solutions

  • Companies can maintain all their supplier documents and internal quality records in a unified, secure cloud-based system for seamless storage and retrieval

  • Automatic alerts and email notifications when a new COA is received