Delivery-based Trading

  • Are your direct store delivery (DSD) suppliers constantly delayed during receiving trying to manage cost discrepancies or unauthorized items on the delivery ticket?
  • Are your invoice deductions dragging down your operation?
  • Are you considering a move to scan-based trading but are concerned about pulling the trigger?

ReposiTrak Delivery-based Trading can help retailers who are looking to streamline their backdoor operation and make pricing discrepancies a thing of the past.   Both retailer and supplier partners:

  • Save time at receiving
  • Enjoy a 100% accuracy rate on invoices
  • Eliminate invoice reconciliation nightmares

Retailers can:

  • Avoid investment in new backdoor receiving technology
  • Gain additional visibility to historical deliveries for planning purposes
  • Receive an automated payables upload reducing time to process & eliminating errors

Suppliers can:

  • Gain visibility to historical deliveries for replenishment planning
  • Receive an automated receivables upload for easier payment reconciliation

ReposiTrak pioneered this pre-SBT step that is also highly valuable as an adjust solution to a retailer’s SBT program.  It gives the retailer a single way to manage their DSD vendors’ costs that streamlines accounting processes, eliminates manual processes and improves cash to payment cycles that ensure the retailer is maximizing discounts.