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Out-of-stocks are not just lost sales. They drive retail shoppers to online competitors like Amazon.

Our solutions reduce out-of-stocks so shoppers can count on retailers to have the products they want.

  • Out-of-stock (OOS) Management

    Identifies OOS opportunities for improvement by store, item, and supplier. We work with the supplier to make improvements, and keep the retailer informed about progress.
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  • Forecasting & Ordering

    Generates automated orders by item and location–whether with warehouse suppliers into the warehouse, or into the stores from the retailer’s DC, or with direct store delivery (DSD) suppliers directly into the store–using our proprietary algorithm. Available with or without forecasting, and can operate in conjunction with our DSD Sales Growth program.
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  • DSD Sales Growth using Scan-based Trading (SBT)

    Lets the supplier maintain the inventory in the retailer’s store while we use our trusted data-of-record to create payment based on product scans at the cash register. Updated program eliminates a lump sum buyback and mandatory counting to support product loss share.
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