Scan-based Trading

  • Are you losing sales because you’re spending too much time checking in, and not enough time merchandising your products?
  • Could you expand distribution if you had a risk-free way to put more product on your trading partners shelves?
  • Is your back room costing you margins because of inaccurate counts, unauthorized deliveries, and the labor needed to staff it?
  • How much time and resource power do you put into resolving invoice discrepancies?
  • How do you currently manage shrink with your trading partners?
  • How would your ordering and replenishment process change if you had greater visibility into shelf-level inventory and POS data?

Scan-based Trading (SBT) is a powerful tool which helps retail trading partners drive operational efficiencies, increase distribution, and achieve best in class performance from their supply chains.  SBT from ReposiTrak is a cloud-based application that provides visibility into store-level product movement, enabling suppliers to spend more time merchandising product, and removes time-consuming operational drudgery from the retailer-supplier relationship.

Retailers who are actively engaged in SBT have seen the following results, and you can expect the same:

  • Improved financial performance and operating capital
  • Reduced out-of-stocks
  • Increased sales by almost $6000/year/store in select categories
  • Reduced inventory by 10% – 30%
  • Improved Assortment
  • Reduced back room hours and trimmed payroll costs significantly
  • Improved Consumer Experience

Suppliers who have embraced SBT have seen the following results, and you can expect the same:

  • Increased sales through expanded distribution
  • Gained an average of 14 minutes more for merchandising
  • Increased route efficiency by 60%
  • Reduced out-of-stocks
  • Shortened delivery time by 300%
  • Improved promotional management
  • Reduced shrink by over 50%

With Scan-based Trading from ReposiTrak, retailers are seeing greater efficiencies in DSD receiving, lower operating expenses, no-hassle payments, and increased sales. And suppliers experience more efficient delivery processes, wider receiving windows, more time for in-store merchandising, and increased sales.   With nearly two decades of experience, we are SBT experts.  We have even development a partnership with Ralston Creek Capital to help solve supplier working capital financing issues that inhibit the deployment of Scan-based Trading programs.