Scan-based Trading
DSD Sales Growth Program

  • Looking for a way to spend less time at the back door and more time merchandising products consumers want?
  • How much time and resource to you spend resolving invoice discrepancies?
  • Do out-of-stocks still plague business review discussions with your partner?
  • Would you like to avoid costly, time-consuming processes to calculate shrink share?
  • Does being able to manage item and cost authorizations jointly with your partner appeal to you?
  • If getting started didn’t require a buyback, would you start tomorrow?
  • If you had greater visibility to shelf-level inventory and POS data, could you create better orders?

DSD Sales Growth Program, using scan-based trading (SBT) is a revolutionary process that helps retail trading partners drive operational efficiencies, increase distribution, and achieve best in class performance within their DSD supply chain. The DSD Sales Growth Program from ReposiTrak is cloud-based so no hardware maintenance is required, and not software installs are needed. DSD Sales Growth Program participants gain visibility into store-level product movement, enabling suppliers to spend more time merchandising product, and eliminating the operational drudgery while improving financial terms and overall performance.

What is scan-based trading (SBT)?

In SBT, the supplier retains ownership of the product when it is delivered. When scanned at checkout as the consumer purchases it, an invoice to the retailer is created by ReposiTrak using its trusted, third-party data-of-record. Participants gain visibility into store-level product movement, out-of-stocks go down, sales increase, and suppliers can spend more time merchandising product, add stops to their routes, or adjust routes altogether.

DSD Sales Growth Program provides the following, and you can expect the same.

For Retailers:

  • Sell product before it’s purchased
  • Reduce out-of-stocks, on average 50%
  • Reduce receiving hours and trim payroll expenditures
  • Eliminate invoice discrepancies using data-of-record cost and authorization
  • Gain adoption faster eliminating upfront buyback requirement
  • Use a sales volume-based, pre-agreed loss allowance percentage to enable more predictable loss projections for finance team

For Suppliers:

  • Eliminate check-in hassles and save 20 minutes per stop, average
  • Get paid faster than typical Net X terms
  • Reallocate inventory as needed, it’s yours
  • Reduce out-of-stocks, on average 50%
  • Eliminate invoice discrepancies using data-of-record cost and authorization
  • Systematically transition any existing inventory, requires zero upfront buyback
  • Eliminate expensive, highly manual and error-prone physical inventory counts, use pre-agreed loss allowance percentage

Using the DSD Sales Growth Program from ReposiTrak, retailers see greater efficiencies in DSD receiving, lower operating expenses, fewer out-of-stocks, no-hassle payments, and increases in sales. And suppliers experience more efficiencies in routing, wider receiving windows, more time for in-store merchandising, fewer out-of-stocks and increases in sales.

With over two decades of experience using POS data, we are the experts. Let us help you get the value and benefits that your competition has been enjoying.

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