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Traditional wholesalers and distributors have to work with bricks-and-mortar retailers as they’re both challenged by the rise of e-commerce.

Wholesalers and distributors have made sure their retail customers are supplied with the right inventory. And that the inventory meets the standards for food safety and quality.

ReposiTrak helps wholesalers and distributors meet those challenges.

  • Our out-of-stock solutions let wholesalers identify what products are in need of store replenishment.
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  • Our compliance management solutions assist wholesalers in collecting documents and records as well vetting suppliers for food safety and quality.
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  • Our MarketPlace solution lets wholesalers find and replace non-compliant suppliers.
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Discover local and hot new products, request samples, vet for compliance requirements and seamlessly on-board.


Reduce financial, brand and regulatory risk with the industry’s choice solution.


Reduce out-of-stocks, grow revenue, cut operational expense, and create supply chain visibility.



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