National Supplier Reduces Shrink and Enables M&A Strategy

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Mergers and acquisitions gained this nationally recognized baker additional distribution which included independent operators. It also gained them different technology systems that didn’t communicate with each other which made keeping up with reporting manual and cumbersome.


Visibility & Analytics
We simplified analysis and created standardized reporting and shrink tracking for frequently changing independent operators and provided insights into stock demand and production needs.

Scan-based Trading (SBT)
We provided item/store tracking of product sales, perpetual inventory and shrink calculations to support shrink reduction across all systems for the supplier and each retailer.

Universal System Exchange
We collected all pertinent data from each system and harmonized the data for reporting and analysis across all products and locations.


  • Reduced shrink to .3%, well below industry average
  • Saved thousands of dollars and man hours by eliminating the need for systems upgrades
  • Enabled this baker to continue their M&A strategy
We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.