When your product is traced through ReposiTrak, a New York Stock Exchange company, recalls and trace-backs are easier than ever. Identify where the impacted product is, and has been, and send notifications so the product can be removed from the supply chain — FAST.

Recalls require an enormous amount of work from finding and fulfilling the requested information to identifying and removing product from the supply chain. What if you could do recalls at the push of a button?

The ReposiTrak Recall solution provides real visibility to inventory levels and locations, from distribution centers to stores. Product is automatically tracked at the lot-level, which allows the rapid trace-back of a product through a simple search. It’s recall management from the largest traceability company. Contact Us to learn about the ReposiTrak Recall solution for your business.

Features of the ReposiTrak Recall solution include:

  • Validation of recall requests
  • Notifications and alerts related to the recall process
  • Retrieval of inventory information
  • Recall status indications and notifications
  • Tracking of product disposition
  • Summary reports
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