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Welcome to the New Era of Speed Retail, powered by ReposiTrak

The retail industry is changing faster and more substantially than ever before. Today’s demanding environment, marked by rapidly changing consumer tastes and requirements, new competitors and multiple routes to market, and the massive reliance on technology requires a new level of executional speed and precision.

We call this environment Speed Retail.

To better serve our customers in this demanding environment, we are combining all the solutions we have historically offered under two brands, Park City Group and ReposiTrak, under one brand name, as one platform, ReposiTrak will be that brand.

ReposiTrak – The Speed Retail Platform

In fact, all our solutions are actually built on one technology platform. This means they are mutually reinforcing and easy to integrate at a time when more of our customers need transformative, platform-based solutions.

With the launch of our new website at www.ReposiTrak.com, you can see that ReposiTrak is now a platform for retailers and their trading partners who are looking to grow their brands and protect their business in the era of Speed Retail.

For simplicity, we have organized our solutions into three product families.

Compliance & Risk Management: This is the family of compliance management solutions that the market commonly associates with the ReposiTrak brand. Since the advent of FSMA, we have led the industry in the quest for food safety and supply chain transparency, and that relentless pursuit will continue. With more than 50,000 connection points in the supply chain and endorsements of leading trade groups such as FMI, ROFDA and GMDC, ReposiTrak is and will remain the industry standard for food safety and compliance management.

MarketPlace: You will easily see that our MarketPlace is a great tool for retailers to find new suppliers, and for suppliers to promote their products, but it’s much more than an online discovery tool. MarketPlace is a complete B2B commerce solution that enables retailers to discover, vet, sample, onboard and even place orders with new suppliers. When it comes to speed in sourcing and creating more locally appealing assortments in stores, there is simply no other solution like MarketPlace.

Supply Chain Solutions: Park City Group, the parent company of ReposiTrak, has been creating value through sales improvement and expense control in the retail supply chain for nearly twenty years. Now all the solutions once marketed as Park City Group, including scan-based trading, automated ordering and item and cost management, will all be offered under our ReposiTrak brand name as the Supply Chain family of solutions.

Navigating the sea of retail tech providers can be as daunting as the challenges of the retail business itself, which is why we believe that choosing platform partners is so critical. The ReposiTrak Speed Retail Platform offers innovative technology for growing and protecting brands, built on nearly two decades of success. All the innovation, none of the risk. That’s a combination that retailers and their trading partners need now, more than ever.

Please visit the all new www.ReposiTrak.com for more information on the Speed Retail Platform.

Randall K. Fields
Chairman & CEO
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We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.