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Capital Available for
Buybacks and
Scan-Based Trading Inventory

Capital is no longer a hurdle for suppliers wanting to engage in SBT

While establishing a scan-based trading (SBT) program brings tremendous value to both the retailer and the supplier, the transition can be a tough financial situation for a vendor to handle. One of the biggest hurdles facing companies moving to SBT is cash flow because banks typically won’t finance consigned inventory. SBT suppliers also sometimes need help getting started, which requires them to buy back inventory from retailers

ReposiTrak helps with the hurdles

ReposiTrak has an exclusive partnership with Ralston Creek Capital (RCC), the leading capital provider for scan based trading. RCC provides financing  for suppliers engaged in SBT programs to support their working capital and buyback needs.

ReposiTrak SBT |
Proven Results

  • 3-10% increase in sales
  • 2-4% reduction in out-of-stocks
  • 40-60% reduction in costs surrounding invoice reconciliation
  • Streamlined back door operations and reduced receiving labor
  • Actionable data shared with suppliers who can make timely changes resulting in immediate improvements

Ralston Creek Capital |
SBT Financing

  • Leading capital provider for scan based trading programs
  • Supports buybacks of inventory on the shelf
  • Provide working capital to suppliers utilizing scan based trading programs
  • Visit us at ralstoncreekcapital.com