MarketPlace Concierge Delivers 24 Hour Sourcing

PROBLEM A Northeastern-based world class supermarket had been out-of-stock of wood pellets used for cast iron fireplaces and stoves. With the...

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ReposiTrak® Launches MarketPlace Sourcing and Commerce Platform for GMDC to Connect Buyers and Sellers

GMDC Members Leverage ReposiTrak MarketPlace Technology to Drive Engagement at GMDC’s 2018 General Merchandise Marketing Conference and Beyond Salt La...

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ReposiTrak® MarketPlace Reaches $1 Million Quarterly Revenue Run Rate

Innovative B2B eCommerce MarketPlace Surpasses Initial Expectations as Success Team Drives Engagement Salt Lake City | June 18, 2018 – Park City Group...

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MarketPlace Drives 80% Sales Growth

PROBLEM With an extremely unique and seasonally focused product mix, it was a challenge for this supplier to stay on top of the demand from a...

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EZ Vendor Fuels 300% Sales Growth in 4 Months

PROBLEM Initially tapped to provide a specific item needed during an emergency through ReposiTrak Concierge Services for a large, national re...

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MarketPlace Delivers 100% Incremental Sales Growth

PROBLEM This specialty footwear supplier was challenged by a large top-tier retailer to begin a program they had little experience with in or...

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Letter from the Chairman & CEO

Welcome to the New Era of Speed Retail, powered by ReposiTrak The retail industry is changing faster and more substantially than ever before. Today’s ...

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Information Technology: Intelligence Super Tools of the Trade

Information may not be able to change the course of mighty rivers or bend steel in its bare hands, but one could say data today is faster than a speed...

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Tropical Beach Success Story

Retailer Uses Private MarketPlace To Increase Seasonal Sales

PROBLEM This top-tier retailer wanted to replace a manual print catalog and enable individual store managers to select and place orders for s...

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Supplier Utilizes Local Store Ordering within MarketPlace

PROBLEM This small supplier was struggling with how to get in touch with store managers at the local level to provide local and regionally-re...

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