Local Assortments are No Problem for ReposiTrak | Case Study

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Challenged with effectively managing an intensely local assortment of over 200 items of college apparel across approx. 300 stores, this retailer wanted to ensure they had inventory in a “just in time” model for the right local and regional colleges represented in each store and avoided overstocks.


Visibility & Analytics
Through detailed sales, trending and inventory tracking and reporting we analyzed the appropriate items by store, their optimum on-hand inventory levels and re-order points. As a result, category management was able to collaborate with the vendor to eliminate out-of-stocks and overstocks through jointly established order minimums, lead times and shipping quantities that controlled inventory levels at the same time as growing sales.


  • 18.49% YOY unit sales growth
  • Increased visibility for the category management to team apparel sales
  • Better collaboration with the team apparel supplier
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