Large, Midwest Retailer Selects ReposiTrak for Traceability

SALT LAKE CITY – ReposiTrak, operating the world’s largest food supply chain network of nearly 30,000 suppliers, has begun implementation of traceability services for a 300-store Midwest retail grocery chain. Known as a thought leader in the industry...

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ReposiTrak, NGA Partner for Affordable, Faster Traceability

Through automation and our proven supply chain technology, the [ReposiTrak Traceability Network] simplifies the creation and sharing of the Key Data Element records required by the FDA. Read More

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ReposiTrak Responds to the FDA FSMA 204 Announcement with the Lowest-Cost, Easiest-to-Adopt and Industry-Backed Traceability Solution

SALT LAKE CITY – ReposiTrak, the largest network of connected suppliers through its supply chain, food safety and supplier management technology solutions, welcomes the announcement that the Food and Drug Administration has finalized the Traceability...

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ReposiTrak and National Grocers Association Team Up to Offer Free and Quick Set-Up for Food Traceability Network

SALT LAKE CITY: November 4, 2022 – ReposiTrak, a major provider of supply chain, food safety and supplier management technology solutions, is waiving the $2,000 setup fee for food suppliers connecting to the ReposiTrak Traceability Network®. The Netw...

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Which Foods are Most Impacted by Traceability?

Riskiest Fresh Foods on the Food Traceability List Every item on the Food Traceability List is there for a reason. The FDA created the FTL using a sophisticated risk-ranking model. Every category—and the many that will eventually be added—represents ...

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NGA taps ReposiTrak as Traceability, Compliance Partner

NGA said that it expects the partnership with Murray, Utah-based ReposiTrak to improve food safety, speed up recalls and reduce waste in the independent retail grocery and wholesale community. Read More

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NGA Partners With ReposiTrak as its Exclusive Traceability and Compliance Partner

As grocers across the country prepare for November when section 204 of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) goes into effect, the National Grocers Association (NGA) and ReposiTrak have created an alliance to help independent grocers tackle these ...

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Is It Already Too Late to Take On Traceability?

That’s a question not enough leaders in grocery retail are asking. The FDA’s landmark food traceability act will be finalized in November 2022, with a 2-year window to prepare. Is that enough time for you to modify the workflow and systems at your di...

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Top 5 Ways to Revolutionize Food Waste Management

How can tracking a food product’s journey through the supply chain help you to manage food waste? The answer is hidden in plain sight. ReposiTrak’s t...

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Why More Traceability is Better

Gathering, creating and sharing key data elements (KDEs) for critical tracking events (CTEs) in the 16 required categories doesn’t have to be a heada...

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