Doing More with Less – 3 Ways to Save with ReposiTrak: Part 3

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Labor Savings Blog Series - Part 3

Supply Chain Solutions

Labor shortages and cost increases are affecting every node of the post-COVID food supply chain industry. With job vacancy rates in the retail trade topping 1 million open positions, suppliers, retailers and wholesalers are looking for solutions that allow operations to continue, even when shifts are left unfilled.

If the past 24 months have taught us anything, it’s that we’re operating in a landscape that’s exceedingly unpredictable and agility is king. According to Deloitte’s 2022 Retail Industry Outlook, “retailers have been forced to reexamine their legacy systems and strategies that have shaped the industry for years.” But when looking to recalibrate, the latest tech solution isn’t always the answer. The solutions that last are the ones that address specific business goals, lighten the load on your workforce and bring efficiencies to your daily operations.

This is Part 3 of a 3-part series exploring proven solutions to maximize the efficiency of day-to-day food supply chain operations.

Supply Chain Solutions  

Any change you bring to your organization must be able to withstand the constant shift in demand, cost and availability of goods. But there’s also been a shift in the demand, cost and availability of the people who bring the food supply chain to life.

A big topic of discussion at the FMI Midwinter conference in March 2022 was reconstructing the supply chain. If you had the time and resources to reconstruct your supply chain, what would you do?

ReposiTrak’s supply chain solutions, including Scan-based Trading (SBT), Forecasting & Ordering and Vendor Vetting, reduce the strain on everyone from buyers and accountants to clerks and retail store leaders. Additionally, Out-of-Stock Management might seem like more of a product availability problem, but it has labor implications as well when you consider the hours it takes to get that product where it needs to be.

Using point-of-sale data, ReposiTrak’s OOS Management platform analyzes trends and anomalies, and makes this information visible through easy-to-use dashboards. Our team then dives deep into the data and helps optimize delivery routes, assortment, pack sizes and more. Our OOS platform has been proven to reduce stockouts by an average of 55% and grow year-over-year sales by 4% to 8% – all while making more efficient use of labor along the way.

Used across many industries from supermarkets to drug companies to mass retail and more, ReposiTrak is the largest supply chain network in the world. Our platform is entirely cloud-based with no investment in new hardware; it’s accessible from anywhere at any time; and our Customer Success Team is by your side every step of the way.

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