Doing More with Less – 3 Ways to Save with ReposiTrak: Part 1

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Labor Savings Blog Series - Part 1

Compliance Management

Labor shortages and cost increases are affecting every node of the post-COVID food supply chain industry. With job vacancy rates in the retail trade topping 1 million open positions, suppliers, retailers and wholesalers are looking for solutions that allow operations to continue, even when shifts are left unfilled.

If the past 24 months have taught us anything, it’s that we’re operating in a landscape that’s exceedingly unpredictable and agility is king. According to Deloitte’s 2022 Retail Industry Outlook, “retailers have been forced to reexamine their legacy systems and strategies that have shaped the industry for years.” But when looking to recalibrate, the latest tech solution isn’t always the answer. The solutions that last are the ones that address specific business goals, lighten the load on your workforce and bring efficiencies to your daily operations.
This is Part 1 of a 3-part series exploring proven solutions to maximize the efficiency of day-to-day food supply chain operations.

Compliance Management

If you’re grappling with staff shortages like so many of ReposiTrak’s customers, look for ways to automate or simplify more standardized procedures including compliance documentation, quality and food safety protocols and audit prep. Doing so will reduce the burden on the current workforce, and may also reduce or eliminate the need for additional headcount. It will also decrease the need for tedious, error-prone paperwork.

Recently, an extract and spice supplier contacted ReposiTrak to help lighten the workload on a single employee. This employee was responsible for managing the compliance documentation for the company’s 200 suppliers. Each supplier was required to provide 12 compliance documents, making that employee responsible for 2,400 individual documents annually, at a cost of nearly $45,000.

Too much of the employee’s time was taken up by the labor-intensive work of managing compliance for the company – from tracking down each supplier to handling and organizing the documents to identifying inconsistencies and making corrections. Making the switch to ReposiTrak’s Compliance Management Solution resulted in a 40% cost-savings and the invaluable gift of time for that employee.

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