Grocery retailers & wholesalers: Here’s what the FDA says you need to know NOW.

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A webinar hosted by The Acheson Group and ReposiTrak

Date: August 30, 2023

Grocery retailers, your list of suppliers probably numbers in the hundreds – or maybe even thousands. Thanks to FDA’s new FSMA 204 requirement, you’re now required to take in traceability data from all of them for each shipment of everyday items like tomatoes, fresh greens and herbs, deli salads, shrimp and mollusks and even nut butters. Will you have to hire more store-level receivers to check in the data when they’re checking in orders? Are your systems ready to take in traceability data in hundreds (or thousands) of different formats? Untangle the web of FSMA 204 data requirements for grocery retailers with food traceability expert Dr. Ben Miller of The Acheson Group (TAG) at this special 30-minute webinar.

Benjamin Miller, Ph.D., MPH
Vice President of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs
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