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Active QMS makes it easy for quality and safety professionals to achieve more accurate controls and improve audit scores and organizational efficiencies by automating manual processes.

SALT LAKE CITY, December 9, 2020 – In the latest move to continuously enhance its industry-leading technology platform, ReposiTrak is entering the quality management space with a proprietary smartphone app that will enable retail trading partners to automate internal safety and quality recordkeeping easily, accurately and affordably.

Complementing its existing compliance solutions suite, ReposiTrak’s app-based Active Quality Management System (Active QMS) allows quality and safety teams at manufacturing and distribution operations to simplify the tedious, error-prone manual recordkeeping processes required for critical controls, such as temperature checks, swab testing, sanitation and pest control and equipment inspections.

“The uniqueness of our new Active QMS app resides in the user-friendly interface optimized for smartphones that are ubiquitous and have become a huge part of our daily lives,” explains Randy Fields, chairman and CEO of ReposiTrak. “It’s therefore only natural to expand our industry-leading compliance solutions set on the device that most people prefer using for as many tasks as possible.”

The iPhone- and Android-compatible app also affords quality and safety managers with the flexibility of deploying Active QMS on company-provided devices or via a “bring your own device” approach for staff to use their own mobile phones.

ReposiTrak Active QMS
ReposiTrak’s Active QMS smartphone app makes it easy for quality and safety professionals to achieve more accurate controls and improve audit scores and organizational efficiencies by automating manual processes.

The benefits of connecting internal quality and safety programs with the Active QMS app are evident in several important areas, first and foremost being the streamlined functionality that guides quality and safety team members through their assigned tasks to produce effortless, audit-ready records. Ease-of-use also extends to QR codes, which streamline sequential task screens while simplifying work and saving time.

“Active QMS enables quality and safety professionals to not only achieve far more accurate controls but to also see improved audit scores and organizational efficiencies by making it easy to check for quality and compliance processes,” says Fields.

Quality teams also gain transparent visibility into quality management processes and reduce labor with the Active QMS smartphone app, which supports all document, process notes, photo and video uploads, along with instant access to notifications, tracking alerts and reports. Records generated via the smartphone app are automatically synced to the QMS records library in the ReposiTrak platform, which digitizes all documents and eliminates piles of internal records, paperwork, files and binders. Documents are easily retrievable and continuously archived to support audits with historical data.

The launch of the Active QMS app was generated by a groundswell of demand from ReposiTrak’s existing customers, according to Fields, who adds “the move from paper to automation will result in substantially improved quality and safety controls for managers, who can access performance-at-a-glance metrics and easily retrieve any document in seconds.”

The recordkeeping and process design of ReposiTrak Active QMS is extremely flexible and easily customizable to support existing processes by user and/or group/department level for functions like work order assignments, alerts and notifications and screen views.

Insights from a wholesale partner that ReposiTrak worked with to conduct a pilot test reported impressive results and a five-star review. “Since using ReposiTrak QMS, we have massively reduced paperwork and time for routine, quality-process recordkeeping. This new mobile app will significantly expand where and how we can use ReposiTrak QMS in our entire operation,” the wholesaler affirmed.

As the most trusted quality, safety and compliance solutions provider for retail trading partners, ReposiTrak is exclusively endorsed by leading trade associations and industry groups including FMI–The Food Industry Association, SQFI, GMDC, ROFDA, GRMA and QCS. Linking a network of 100,000+ retail trading partners on a collaborative, user-friendly data platform to share critical safety, regulatory and compliance documents, the ReposiTrak platform helps tens of thousands of manufacturers and suppliers collect, automate, manage and troubleshoot their compliance documentation and verification requirements to continuously enhance the safety and transparency of their brands.

To learn more about ReposiTrak Active QMS or to sign up for a free trial, click here.

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