ReposiTrak Expands Compliance Solutions with Automated COAs

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT – February 23, 2021 – ReposiTrak Inc., the industry leader in compliance and quality management, supply chain and out-of-stock solutions and sourcing, is expanding its compliance solutions suite to include automated Certificate of Analysis (COA) functionality that collects, tracks and validates COAs for seamless accessibility to reports and internal tracking records.

ReposiTrak’s automated COA capabilities add another level of transparency and compliance assurance for manufacturers and distributors by improving the quality of and reducing the workload associated with inbound shipment controls.

COAs are documents issued by quality assurance teams to confirm that finished product batches meet established specifications, as well as those of key regulatory authorities. They also verify actual results of product quality testing, including conditions and parameters, ingredient specifications, approval signatures and dates, along with chain of custody information.

“Manufacturers and suppliers need COAs from their suppliers to confirm that inbound product shipments meet their quality specifications, but manually tracking, managing and verifying COAs received by email is time-consuming and inefficient,” explains Randy Fields, chairman and CEO of ReposiTrak. “As a result, COA processes fail due to the tedious, time-consuming labor required for manual reviews, which dramatically increases the risk of product quality issues.”

Proactive, Preventative Quality Control

ReposiTrak’s COA compliance solution uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to read and validate the documents against established parameters and generates automatic alerts and notifications when a data field is flagged for potential problems.

Automating the collection and storage of COAs to limited exceptions places the emphasis on proactive, preventative quality controls for inbound ingredient or product shipments. This, Fields says, vastly improves accuracy and sharply reduces the burdensome document gathering functions that are tedious yet essential to on-point compliance management.

“Automating COAs adds tremendous value for compliance teams by freeing up their valuable time to concentrate on more pressing priorities required of their roles,” Fields affirms. “We are proud to say that the most widely used quality and compliance management system in the world now has even more automation for COAs.”

ReposiTrak COA Compliance resides on the same platform as its Supplier Compliance Management and Active QMS solutions, enabling companies to maintain all their supplier documents and internal quality records in a unified, secure cloud-based system for seamless storage and retrieval.

As the most trusted quality, safety and compliance solutions provider for retail trading partners, ReposiTrak is exclusively endorsed by leading trade associations and certification bodies including FMI–The Food Industry Association, SQFI, GMDC, ROFDA, GRMA and QCS. Linking a network of 100,000+ retail trading partners on a collaborative, user-friendly data platform to share critical safety, regulatory and compliance documents, the ReposiTrak platform helps tens of thousands of manufacturers and suppliers collect, automate, manage and troubleshoot their compliance documentation and verification requirements to continuously enhance the safety and transparency of their brands.

To learn more about the ReposiTrak COA compliance solution, click here.

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ReposiTrak provides retailers, suppliers and public sector agencies with a robust solution suite to help reduce risk and remain in compliance with regulatory requirements; enhance operational controls; source and discover new vendors; and increase sales with unrivaled brand protection. Consisting of three product families—compliance and risk management, supply chain solutions and MarketPlace sourcing—ReposiTrak’s cloud-based platform’s integrated applications are mutually reinforcing and work synergistically to create value and positive impact.


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