25 Confectionery Companies Enter the Queue for ReposiTrak’s Expanding Traceability Network

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Ahead of regulatory deadlines, 25 confectionery companies are queued to join ReposiTrak for its innovative, hardware-free traceability solutions

Salt Lake City, UT – June 25, 2024 –ReposiTrak (NYSE:TRAK), the world’s largest food traceability and regulatory compliance network, leveraging its established inventory management and out-of-stock reduction SaaS platform, is preparing to welcome 25 new confectionery companies into the queue for the ReposiTrak Traceability Network® (RTN). These new members will efficiently exchange intricate, FDA-required Key Data Elements (KDEs) for each Critical Tracking Event (CTE) in their supply chains, ensuring proactive compliance well before the January 2026 deadline.

Among the 25 confectionery companies joining the queue for RTN are three notable manufacturers, each with histories stretching back more than 100 years. The first is renowned for creating some of the most beloved chocolate bars and confections. The second is recognized for its broad range of popular candies, including chocolates, gums, and mints, and is known for its innovation and global reach. The third has been revered for its commitment to quality and tradition in chocolate craftsmanship, offering gift-boxed chocolates.

“As industry leaders queue up for the ReposiTrak Traceability Network, they are setting an example in regulatory compliance and supply chain efficiency,” stated Randy Fields, chairman and CEO of ReposiTrak. “Our platform enables these suppliers to share traceability data with all their networked customers efficiently and without the need for additional hardware or software.”

The ReposiTrak Traceability Network requires no additional hardware or software and the ReposiTrak team assists in making the connections needed under the new regulation. Suppliers can connect to an unlimited number of trading partners and share data for a low, flat fee.

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ReposiTrak (NYSE: TRAK), formerly Park City Group, provides retailers, suppliers and wholesalers with a robust solution suite to help reduce risk and remain in compliance with regulatory requirements, enhance operational controls and increase sales with unrivaled brand protection. Consisting of three product families – food traceability, compliance and risk management and supply chain solutions – ReposiTrak’s integrated, cloud-based applications are supported by an unparalleled team of experts. For more information, please visit repositrak.com.


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