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OnTrak Webinar | Food Fraud Trends Update: Essentials for Avoiding Food Document Fraud

June 16, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

This Webinar has already taken place.

For food products, we accept a wide range of documents to confirm the identity and source of products we buy and sell. This quarter’s food fraud prevention update co-presented by Dr. John Spink, director of the Michigan State University (MSU) Food Fraud Prevention Academy, and Dr. Roy Fenoff, a Certified Document Examiner & Professor in the Department of Criminology at The Citadel will dive into the emerging scholarly research of food document fraud and fraudulent communication of authority information in documents.

Learning Objectives:
• Explore the types of food document fraud
• Understand the types of documents are relied upon by the food industry
• Review how document fraud prevention fits into a thorough food fraud prevention strategy
• Learn about three key steps to implement a strategy, beginning with a self-assessment survey

Meet the Speakers:

John W. Spink
John Spink PhD, Food Fraud Prevention Academy, Michigan State University

John Spink, PhD
Food Fraud Prevention Academy
Michigan State University 

Dr. John Spink is director of the MSU Food Fraud Prevention Academy, which is an interdisciplinary activity focused on detecting and deterring public health and economic threats. The research focus is on policy and strategy starting with criminology and onward through the application of business decision-making and COSO/Enterprise Risk Management.

Dr. Spink's leadership positions include product fraud related activities with “ISO 22000 Food Safety” and “TC292 Security Management/ Fraud Countermeasure,” WHO, FAO/UN, GFSI Food Fraud Think Tank and U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP). Global activities include engagements with the European Commission, INTERPOL/ Europol Operation Opson, New Zealand MPI, Codex Alimentarius, WHO/FAO, and served as Advisor on Food Fraud to the Chinese National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA).

Roy Fenoff
Roy Fenoff PhD, Certified Document Examiner & Professor, The Citadel

Roy Fenoff, PhD
Certified Document Examiner & Professor
Department of Criminology at The Citadel

Dr. Roy Fenoff is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at The Citadel. He provides expert scientific advice and forensic examinations for individuals, businesses, law enforcement, and law firms throughout the United States and overseas.

He completed his doctoral degree in Criminal Justice from MSU where he specialized in Counterfeiting, Forgery, Fraud, and Forensic Science. At MSU, he was a research associate with the prestigious and internationally recognized MSU Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection (A-CAPP). He also holds advanced degrees in Medical and Veterinary Entomology, Anti-Counterfeiting Strategy, Product Protection Criminology and Forensic Document Examination as well as undergrad degrees in Entomology and Criminal Justice.