How COVID Reshaped Consumer Behaviors, In-Store Visits

As mission-driven Americans hunkered down at home during most of last year, their spending on consumer packaged goods  swelled by an average of 19% in 2020...

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Why Third-Party Audits Will Take on Greater Importance in 2021

Contributed by Gigi Vita, SVP and Chief Food Safety Assessment Officer, SQFI The rapidly transforming food supply chain has raised the stakes for retailers to reevaluate the importance of third-party audits, which have long provided im...

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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Supplier Compliance Management Tools

Contributed by ReposiTrak Senior Vice President, Customer Success, Derek Hannum In our vast experience working with thousands of global quality and safety professionals, we field a variety of questions about compliance management best ...

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Hands of robot and human touching on global virtual network connection future interface. Artificial intelligence technology concept.

ReposiTrak CTO Breaks Down the Audit of the Future

Retail trading partners have been forced to re-think audits amid a rapidly changing COVID-altered landscape, which is poised to change even further in the ...

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SQF Panel

SQF Global Panel Explores Next-Gen Food Safety Hot Buttons

Current and future impacts of AI, machine learning and other technology-enabled tools for the global food safety community were among the hot topics on the...

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Conquering the Achilles Heel of the Online Shopping Experience

Substitutions caused by out-of-stock (OOS) items are the Achilles heel of online grocery shopping and leads to shopper frustration,...

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Retail Robots do Little to Address the Root Cause of the Multibillion-dollar Out-of-stock Problem

Retailers are making big bets on technology to identify out-of-stocks in stores, including store personnel-operated hand-held devic...

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Symbol for reducing a risk. Cubes form the word "RISK" while a hand turns a cube and changes the word "high" to low" (or vice versa).

Vet Prospective Vendors to Avoid Risk

The constant four-letter-word for retailers is RISK.  Avoiding it. Managing it. Eliminating it. In today’s litigious business climate, it is not enough...

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Surviving in Retail, During Crisis & Beyond

Whether you own a grocery store or shop at one, you already know the COVID-19 crisis has had a massive impact on the consumer produ...

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Traditional Retailers Need The Ability to Meet The Customer’s Immediate Needs

The recent news that three regional supermarkets — Earth Fare, Lucky’s Market, and Fairway — closed their doors should hardly come as a surprise. If anyth...

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