Proof of Integrity: Compliance Management for Organic Food Companies

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From consumer skepticism about supply chain integrity to stricter U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules and the troubling issue of Critical Tracking Event (CTE) adulteration, organic food producers and manufacturers face a multitude of challenges.

Maintaining compliance and upholding consumer trust—despite complex global supply chains and strict traceability requirements—is critical for success. Without the help of automated compliance management solutions, these goals can be difficult to achieve.

The Importance of Transparency and Trust in the Organic Food Industry

Transparency in the organic food industry is a non-negotiable for consumers and producers alike. Consumers of organic products — who typically spend more on items labeled organic — rightfully demand to know exactly how their food is produced and expect companies to comply with the strict regulatory standards that prohibit the use of synthetic, man-made substances in food production.

However, recent headlines have revealed evidence of organic food fraud, including the adulteration of CTEs (e.g., in food processing, packing, commingling, transformation and shipping), causing customers to question the authenticity of foods labeled organic.

Companies understand the risks of non-compliance—revocation of organic certification, reputational damage and financial penalties—and actively strive to comply with regulatory standards to avoid becoming another headline. Outmoded or paper-based compliance processes lead to gaps in documentation that ultimately result in a lack of consumer trust in the integrity of organic food.

Ensuring Organic Compliance

FSMA 204 impacts the entire supply chain, emphasizing the significance of farm-to-table traceability. This new standard requires a robust tool in order to track and manage the extra data collected. The answer? Automation.

With automated, organized documentation and

How to Automate Your Compliance Management and Traceability

The ReposiTrak Compliance Management solution helps you ensure legal, financial and regulatory compliance by quickly providing proof of organic certifications from USDA-accredited certifiers throughout your entire supply chain—wherever in the world the product originated. The solution leverages AI and optical character recognition to help your business adhere to regulations, provides real-time access to all products in your purview and ensures that your suppliers meet the standards you’ve set in place, with no exceptions.

Paperwork is limited by the tool’s automated document collection tool, which streamlines your compliance management no matter the size of your business. The time-consuming and highly manual process of collecting the required documentation and making them available to auditors is eliminated, saving you time and reducing manual errors.

In addition, the ReposiTrak Traceability Network(R) helps you maintain transparency throughout your supply chain. Through the collection of shipping records from your suppliers, ReposiTrak extracts the required KDEs and collects the data, enabling easier and faster compliance with the updated FSMA 204(d) regulation and the exchange of data with your customers.

ReposiTrak: The Future of Organic Compliance

The future of organic compliance through automation is here. We’ve helped countless organizations, including AWG, the nation’s largest cooperative food wholesaler to independent supermarkets.

Contact us today to learn more about how ReposiTrak can strengthen your organic compliance and traceability.

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