We Just Solved One of the Biggest Compliance Problems for Suppliers

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Suppliers hate managing multiple document sharing portals. That’s why we just introduced Global Document sharing, which allows suppliers in the ReposiTrak network to quickly share documents outside the ReposiTrak network.

With global document sharing suppliers can:

  • Save time
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Confirm document deliveries

all within ReposiTrak where they manage compliance documents today.

How Does It Work and What’s Different?
Global Document Sharing is a powerful new feature that allows trading partners to share documents outside the ReposiTrak compliance management network. Until now, ReposiTrak users have always been able to easily exchange, review and track documents with trading partners who are also in the network. However, with the rollout of this new feature, document sharing outside the network won’t involve hours of extra work, additional paper and document handling and added unnecessary expense for suppliers.

How It Makes Compliance Management Easier for ReposiTrak Users
Using the Global Document Sharing feature, ReposiTrak customers can share “global” designated documents, uploaded to the compliance management system, with an unlimited number of NON-ReposiTrak users. Global documents typically include third-party audits or certifications that are not specific to the document receiver or requestor. ReposiTrak users can now choose which documents are shared with which partners, and recipients simply click a link delivered via email that offers free system access to receive documents. Sharing documents is automated for ReposiTrak users, with the ability to confirm receipt and track shared documents, saving time and ensuring full compliance across the network of trading partners.

“We originally designed our compliance management system with the goal of saving time for our users and streamlining the entire process associated with managing compliance,” said Randall K. Fields, Chairman and CEO of Park City Group. “With the launch of Global Document Sharing, we’re taking extra steps to create an even more powerful and user-friendly experience for our rapidly growing network of users that will not only reduce added expense and headache but will also give hours back to their days.”

New feature evolutions like Global Document Sharing embraces the reality that retailers and brands should focus more on their business and their customers, and less on the systems that power their business.


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