Top 10 Reasons to Move to ReposiTrak Scan-based Trading

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ReposiTrak Scan-based Trading is one of the best moves suppliers and retailers can make to:  Sell More. Stock Less. See Everything.

  1. Increase sales. ReposiTrak Scan-based Trading provides daily visibility into product movement at the store / SKU level enabling more efficient, accurate replenishment and reducing out of stocks – giving suppliers more time to merchandise within the store. In a study on SBT conducted by Kurt Salmon Associates, the average sales increase realized by suppliers and retailers is between 1-10%.
  2. Eliminate back-room check-in time. Suppliers conducting SBT own their inventory in the store, eliminating the back door receiving process and saving suppliers 15 to 30 minutes per delivery. As Bill Parker at Farm Fresh says “The biggest problem I have is explaining to a non-participating vendor why an SBT vendor was in and out of the store before they had reached the receiver.”
  3. Gain routing efficiencies. Wider receiving windows and less check-in time at the back door open up opportunities to restructure routes for greater operational efficiency. Route optimization has helped a high-volume DSD ice cream company: Their trucks can now deliver to 12 stores per route, instead of just eight; where it used to take one hour to make an average delivery, now it takes just 18 to 20 minutes.
  4. Improve in store stock position, service levels, inventory management and production planning. The application gives you near real time visibility to daily store level movement data for every item you supply. We also offer you the ability to integrate this data into store level replenishment execution. The results…increased sales and reduced costs through improved order creation, routing, and production planning.
  5. Eliminate invoice discrepancies. ReposiTrak creates a data-of-record invoice based on the supplier’s cost and the retailer’s scans. Both retailer and supplier agree ahead of time that payment will be based on these factors, eliminating time-consuming invoice reconciliations and avoiding costly delays in payment.
  6. Enable more efficient sales and logistics processes. Suppliers can use the advanced data and processes available from the ReposiTrak SBT application to help create a suggested order, re-engineer routes, improve merchandising, or support consumer-sales-oriented incentive plans for sales staff.
  7. Access agreed-to item, cost, and promotion information. ReposiTrak ensures trading partners have a shared and timely view of the data critical to the partnership — authorized items, prices, and promotions. No more delays in introducing new items, time spent resolving cost discrepancies or missed promotion opportunities. This capability alone provided supplier with benefits ranging from $4,100 to $20,600 according to the GMA study.
  8. Experience a true collaborative process. Suppliers engaged in SBT are viewed by retailers as business partners and are often preferred vendors and enjoy a close working relationship with category managers and store personnel.
  9. Don’t build when you can buy. Rapid deployment and quick ROI. When you partner with ReposiTrak, you begin enjoying the benefits of SBT right away. We’ve been there, done that … we’re the experts in SBT. So instead of trying to build out your own systems … then pay to connect with each retailer … focus on how to better serve your customers.
  10. Leverage your connection. Once you’re up and running on ReposiTrak, it’s easy to take advantage of the onboarding process to connect to other retailers conducting SBT. The incremental costs are minimal, and the more trading partners you connect with, the more value you’ll see.
We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.