Three absolutely critical questions to ask when choosing a compliance management system

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The process of choosing a compliance management system to automate document collection and management for your company is very important. Navigating the choices available for managing your quality, audit, risk and compliance documents that you require to protect your brand and keep your customers safe can be a stressful task.

It’s vital you know the critical questions to ask when comparing compliance management systems to ensure you choose the solution that meets your unique needs. Below are some of the most important questions you need to ask, and get answered, before making such an important decision.

#1: What is the size of your network?

Network size does matter. If your supplier/vendor is already a user of the compliance management system you’re considering, you’ll have a faster implementation because your supplier can share global documents with your company quickly. Suppliers are already familiar with the system, which means one less compliance management system they must learn.

As the largest network, boasting over 70,000+ retailer supplier connections, many, if not all, of your suppliers are likely using ReposiTrak.

#2: How do you ensure I achieve success on your compliance management system?

This is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. The only reason to have a compliance management program is to achieve compliance. The best compliance management system in the word is worthless if your suppliers don’t use it. And, chances are, if all you do is send an email asking them to use your new system, most of them simply won’t comply.

To ensure compliance objectives are met and maintained, with proper and up-to-date documentation, it takes a combination of technology and people to achieve results.

ReposiTrak Compliance Management employs a team of customer success managers who make the calls and send the emails to your suppliers on your behalf to obtain updates on non-compliant documents. This can be an expired certificate of insurance, or the need for an updated audit report. You cannot obtain the highest level of compliance without lifting the phone receiver, and with ReposiTrak, we do it for you.

#3: What industry group endorsements do you have?

Making a confident decision in your compliance management system choice is key. If you are a member of any industry or trade group that exclusively endorses a company, it’s a safe bet that you can trust them. Choosing a compliance management system is a multi-year agreement and making the wrong decision can mean years of disappointment.

ReposiTrak is exclusively endorsed by: FMI, SQF, GMDC, ROFDA, and GRMA. We are also endorsed by QCS Purchasing.

SQF audit management is integrated with ReposiTrak’s Compliance Management System. We power the SQF audit database, and all SQF Practitioners are required to use the system. Your affiliation with any of the trade groups listed can provide discounts and special access privileges.

Properly vetting your compliance management system provider can avoid costly mistakes, long implementation periods and surprises after you signed the contract.

While this is not a definitive list, asking these questions puts you well on the way to selecting the right system for your needs.

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