Automated & Computer Assisted Store Ordering

The Shortest Route to Better Margins

Out of stocks are a profitability killer for retailers and suppliers alike.  Stock-outs

  • Cost you sales
  • Drive up inventory expense
  • Reduce inventory turns
  • Damage shopper loyalty
  • Skew demand forecasts

It’s estimated that stocks-outs account for more than 4% of lost sales every year, so why not take the easy step to better margins?

ReposiTrak’s Store Ordering application will help you

  • Forecast consumer demand with accuracy and ease
  • Automate replenishment orders
  • Gain visibility throughout the entire supply chain
  • Identify current and predicted out-of-stocks at the store level
  • Leverage POS data to improve promotions

With ReposiTrak Store Ordering you can reduce out-of-stocks, improve margins and grow your store sales. Store Ordering clients report increased unit volume, increased retail dollar volume and higher everyday sales for both regular turn merchandise and promotional items.

Accurately ordering and replenishing merchandise also improves retailer-supplier relationships. By synchronizing point of sale (POS) data, suppliers can ensure that they don’t send too much or too little inventory to resellers. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Check out some customer success stories and then let’s talk.  Better sales and margins are closer than you think.