A Recognized Leader Servicing the Largest Industry in the World

Park City Group owns and operates ReposiTrak, the first fully-integrated, end-to-end supply chain management platform that helps retailers and wholesalers SOURCE, VET and TRANSACT with suppliers to accelerate sales, reduce risk and improve supply chain efficiencies.

  • Recognized leader servicing the largest industry in the world, translates to a $2B+ TOTAL ADDRESSABLE MARKET for our products and services

  • We are EXCLUSIVELY ENDORSED BY MAJOR TRADE ASSOCIATIONS representing the industry we service

  • Proven technology platform with $125 million in sunk investment, cohesive application set, and deep commitment to customer success, creates SELF-REINFORCING BUSINESS MODEL

  • Already scaled with a service profile encompassing >300K CONNECTIONS  between buyers and suppliers with tens of thousands of distinct customers

  • Compliance and Supply Chain provide a HIGHLY VISIBLE RECURRING REVENUE MODEL while MarketPlace has the potential to accelerate growth

  • MANDATED USE MODEL and EXCEEDINGLY LOW CHURN translates to low customer acquisition costs and high operating margins

  • Sustainable and profitable double-digit revenue growth, translates to a STRONG BALANCE SHEET with more than $16M in cash 10% Debt to Total Capital

Three Solutions on One Platform

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One Platform Massively Scaled

We have the ability to grow to millions of connections atop an already scaled technology platform with tens of thousands of existing customer relations, proven products and demonstrated execution capabilities.

300,000+ Supplier / Buyer connections across all applications

70,000+ Supplier / Buyer compliance connections

20 Million transactions processed daily

9 Million Store / SKU forecasts and orders per day

Millions Item / Store perpetual inventories maintained

100,000+ Invoices generated daily – data of record