You’re committed to a safer and more transparent supply chain.

And we’re committed to your success!

You’ve worked hard to achieve compliance with your retailers, why not showcase that hard work on your MarketPlace listing within ReposiTrak?

Retailers are searching among 28,000 category participants daily, and you could be missing out!

Having trouble getting buyers’ attention? Buyers search the ReposiTrak MarketPlace looking for new suppliers every day.

They could be looking for suppliers to:

  • handle additional need,
  • add new or emerging products,
  • find local suppliers,
  • or most likely, they have a current supplier who is not meeting their compliance specifications.

Because you use ReposiTrak to manage your compliance, you’re in a unique position to share your success with those buyers. When a buyer knows you are retail-ready based on your high compliance with other retailers, you’ll have a much better chance at locating additional retail opportunities.

Certification earns your company:
  • Priority listing on all qualified MarketPlace search results
  • Special designation in MarketPlace search results
  • Certified Compliance Partner Marketing Toolkit to ensure you get the most from your Certified Compliance Partner status
Certification Requirements:
  • You must be at least 75% compliant across all of your suppliers in ReposiTrak Compliance Management.
  • You must be connected to at least 2 retailers in ReposiTrak Compliance Management.
  • You must use ReposiTrak Compliance Management to manage your own suppliers.
  • You must be willing to re-certify your eligibility quarterly.
  • You must be willing to pay the certification fee.
If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to your Account Manager, Customer Success Manager, send an email to enrollment@repositrak.com, or complete the form. We will get right back to you!
Do you meet the minimum qualifications? Reach out to us today!