In-Store Bakery Improves Quality and Assortment

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  • In-store bakeries were unable to execute an assortment plan and were lacking labor to routinely bake a large variety.
  • Quality standards were also deteriorating from managing too many products
  • Shrink Costs were excessive and increasing and out-of-stocks were high on favorites.


Fresh Market Manager
We optimized the product assortment mix by implementing an assortment plan by store clusters defined by consumer demand. We then minimized flavor proliferation retaining only the best performing varieties. This resulted in a reduction of SKUs from 814 to 521 and a realignment of product schematic to focus on growth items.


  • Increased monthly net cash flow by maximizing sales and optimizing shrink
  • Aligned promotional plan with growth strategy
  • Aligned production staff with new processes for optimal performance
We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.