Improving Compliance Management for Suppliers, Manufacturers & Growers


Leverage the ReposiTrak® Solution in Two Ways

Not only can you share food safety documents downstream with wholesale and retail customers, you can also use ReposiTrak upstream with your suppliers to automate the management of all forms of documentation to improve compliance.

1.  A Customer Requests Your Enrollment

  • We’ll help you identify if you have the list of documents they require.
  • To ensure your insurance coverage meets the customer requirement minimums, our OCR (optical character recognition) program will read and determine if your minimums are in compliance.  If not, you’ll both get alerted.
  • You can store any business, facility or product-related documents.  You may even have documents you’d like to store that are not required by a specific customer.
  • Most importantly because we make it easy, you can connect to ReposiTrak once and service all of your retail and wholesale customers who are also concerned about managing their food safety compliance by reducing risk to their brands.

ReposiTrak® is a food safety compliance management solution that can help reduce brand, financial and regulatory risk and will benefit multiple areas within your company.

  • Having a comprehensive food safety compliance management solution gives your company a competitive advantage
  • Management of documents  required by your customer (indemnification, insurance documents, business continuity plans, and more) through proactive upcoming expiration alerts along with notifications and a compliance dashboard keep you in compliance and ensure swift payment
  • When the FDA appears for your next unscheduled audit, rest assured you have the records needed to ensure a smooth, successful visit
  • Endorsed by associations such as Food Marketing Institute (FMI), Retailer Owned Food Distributors and Associates (ROFDA) and the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) as the Industry Standard Solution.
  • No hardware purchase, no software install, no special labeling or identification is needed
  • Proven scalability – Currently processing over 15 million transactions daily generating hundreds of thousands of invoices per day; processing nearly a million deliveries per week managing over 110,000 supplier/retailer connections and maintaining millions of perpetual inventories at item/store level
  • Your IT resources are free to focus on your core business
  • Your data is protected by our banking industry-quality security with over 16 years history of spotless performance
  • We keep track of documents required by your retailer customer or through one of the seven new FSMA regulations, and provide automatic email alerts for upcoming expiration dates, sub-standard audit scores, and unmet coverage minimums
  • You don’t need to change your systems, or make other data changes
  • We use the information you most likely already have filed somewhere, or we’ll help you figure out what it is you need to upload
  • We help you provide food safety information to YOUR customers, BUT we can also help you GATHER food safety information from YOUR suppliers
  • We store business and food safety regulatory documents required to demonstrate compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and other state and federal regulations
  • We are an effective recall/crisis management source
  • We manage and track certifications through documents that substantiate various label claims, certifications (e.g. Organic, non-GMO, Gluten-free) and country of origin
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Enroll Your Supply Chain

2.  Enroll Your Own Supply Chain

  • First communicate with your suppliers.  We’ll help you share the message with your suppliers that food safety is important to you and that you are ensuring transparency throughout your supply chain.  Our team takes an active approach with your suppliers, sharing educational materials, making phone calls, sending emails and providing all the necessary TLC.
  • Then determine required documents and coverage minimums expected of your suppliers.   Your suppliers will upload and share required documents to become compliant and maintain compliance.  If they have questions or need help–we’re here to walk them through.
  • ReposiTrak will report ongoing food safety compliance.  We are your total food safety compliance management solution – incorporate ReposiTrak into your “new vendor” management process to ensure new purchase orders aren’t cut until the vendor passes compliance; and use ReposiTrak as a checkpoint for existing vendors to ensure they remain in compliance or don’t get paid.

“The tough reality today is that if you aren’t partnering with, assessing and validating every supplier all the way back to the farm; if you aren’t assessing and addressing risk of all the ingredients and products you purchase, process, or sell – instead of the companies being named in today’s headlines, tomorrow’s name on the foodborne-illness lawsuit could be yours.

Dr. David Acheson, President and CEO The Acheson Group, June 10, 2012

Nicholas SicklesImproving Compliance Management for Suppliers, Manufacturers & Growers