Top 5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Supplier Compliance Management Tools

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Contributed by ReposiTrak Senior Vice President, Customer Success, Derek Hannum

In our vast experience working with thousands of global quality and safety professionals, we field a variety of questions about compliance management best practices. Two of the most common questions we are asked about pertain to the biggest opportunities to reduce risk and improve efficiency, and the biggest ROI benefits of automated compliance management systems.

For suppliers actively considering an automated solution for collecting and managing documents and certifications, there are five important questions to ask when evaluating solution partners to ensure the highest possible levels of compliance:

1. How big is your current user network? 

The larger the user network, the more likely a high percentage of your suppliers are already using the platform for another customer—which translates into better, faster compliance results.

2. Who will conduct the requisite, time-consuming supplier follow-up calls and emails?

It doesn’t matter how good the technology is if your suppliers won’t use it. Whether it’s someone from your internal team or a shared support staff member, the follow-up legwork requires dedicated people to make the outbound calls to suppliers. As such, make sure to ask: “Who conducts the supplier follow-up?”

3. Does the system automatically review and validate my documents?

If you’re still manually reviewing every document to determine their validity, you are losing precious time. Look for a system with technology to read and approve the documents for you.

4. Can I manage internal quality records on the same platform as supplier documents?

Having all of your quality records and supplier compliance documents and certifications in one place is ideal, so look for a platform that can support both effectively.

5. How do I determine if the price is and a good value?

You might be surprised to learn that you don’t have to compromise between price and features. Offering affordable pricing can be driven by a company’s long-term strategy and not based on the fact that they offer fewer features. Don’t fall into the trap of paying more and getting less.

As companies currently using automated compliance management solutions will confirm, there is no understating the importance of having a topnotch program in place to protect your brand and company and avoid serious financial risk. A seamless, affordable, efficient solution is all it takes to go from good to great.

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