What Would a 30% to 50% Reduction in DSD Out-of-Stocks Mean for Your Sales and Profits?

ReposiTrak is helping retailers increase sales and preserve shopper loyalty by substantially reducing DSD out-of-stocks (OOS).

The reductions are with 12 different retailers, including grocery, drug, and mass merchandise, involving more than 12,000 stores. And we are seeing results in as little as 3 weeks. 

65% of Dairies Have Reduced OOS

30% Average Dairy OOS Improvement

55% Highest OOS Improvement

71% of Bakery Have Reduced OOS 

30% Average Bakery OOS Improvement

51% Highest OOS Improvement

79% of Grocery Vendors Have Reduced OOS

30% Average Grocery OOS Improvement

59% Highest OOS Improvement

63% of General Merchandise Vendors Have Reduced OOS

47% Average GM OOS Improvement

85% Highest OOS Improvement

Reducing out-of-stocks is the most profitable sales increase you can achieve, and we work with your suppliers to make it happen.  No heavy lifting for your category managers, we do the supplier follow up to get you results in this vendor-funded program

We only have capacity to work with 5 more retailers to help address more competition from Amazon as it expands same-day delivery over the next 12 months.

Call me directly and I’ll give you more details on how our solutions built and refined over 15 years of working with retail POS data, are delivering results for some of the industry’s largest and most respected retailers.

Randall K. Fields

Randall K. Fields

Chairman & CEO - Park City Group

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