Our Company Story


ReposiTrak, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Park City Group and was originally co-founded with Leavitt Partners, led by Michael Leavitt, former Secretary of Health & Human Services, to address the expected rise in regulatory requirements associated with the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 (FSMA).


Park City Group (NASDAQ: PCYG) is known for providing customers with unmatched supply chain visibility and solutions that enable them to Sell More, Stock Less & See Everything. For over 18 years, Park City Group has been helping customers with: B2B Vendor Connections, Item & Cost Maintenance, Scan-based Trading, Invoicing from POS or Delivery, Vendor Scorecarding, Reporting & Analytics, Out-Of-Stock & Waste Reporting, and Forecasting & Ordering (Store-level & DC).

Powered by Park City Group’s technology, ReposiTrak is now the ONLY platform to offer both compliance and commerce solutions to customers, providing them with a 360 degree view of their suppliers’ data to improve supply chain efficiency and reduce risk. All of Park City Group’s capabilities are accessible through a cloud-based portal, which comprises the ReposiTrak Speed Retail Platform.

Leadership Team

Randy Fields

Chairman  & CEO

Randy Fields is Chairman and CEO of Park City Group (NASDAQ:PCYG) the parent company of ReposiTrak.  Under his insightful leadership, ReposiTrak continues to innovate and provide retailers and their suppliers with solutions all along the supply chain that enable them to sell more, stock less and see everything.

Todd Mitchell


Mr. Mitchell joined Park City Group in September 2015 after a two decade career as a Research Analyst on Wall Street covering media and technology companies. Mr. Mitchell has a keen analytical mind and a strong track record for picking successful small cap growth companies. Immediately before joining Park City Group, Mr. Mitchell also served as the Director of Research for Brean Capital LLC for three years, where he oversaw the expansion of the department and helped the firm to grow its cash equities business by nearly 50%. Mr. Mitchell earned an MBA and a master’s degree in economics from George Washington University, and a BA from Vassar College.

Derek Hannum


Mr. Hannum leads the marketing, training, analytics, and customer success teams. He joined Park City Group in July 2017, bringing over 30 years of sales and marketing experience across a diverse array of industries including automotive, logistics and technology. Derek has led successful sales and marketing teams at Nissan Motor Corporation, Tenneco Automotive, CHEP USA, Empower Software, and Miller Heiman Group. He is a graduate of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Elizabeth Maly


Ms. Maly is the primary business contact and Sr. Leader for Sales of Park City Group Supply Chain and ReposiTrak. Her team works directly with Park City Group and ReposiTrak customers to onboard and support their on-going needs. Prior to joining Park City Group, Ms. Maly has extensive sales and sales management experience from her time at major Media/Publishing companies such as The Wall Street Journal and Tribune Company where she lead teams that sold and managed products in both B2C and B2B areas, including but not limited to subscription, newsstand, corporate partnerships and manufacturing and distribution services. After transitioning out of Media/Publishing in 2010, Ms. Maly spent several years working for a 3rd party retail software company, selling and managing solutions for both Retailers and CPG for Scan Based Trade and data sharing needs. Ms. Maly resides in Chicago, and holds a B.A. From Purdue University.

Joe Meherg


Mr. Meherg is a senior executive with over 30 years of experience in building and managing strategic business relationships. As leader of the Account Management team at Park City Group and ReposiTrak, his team deploys solutions to new clients while driving additional initiatives to the current account base. Mr. Meherg always has a focus on sales operations and implementation while driving positive customer satisfaction. Prior work engagements include Plus 3 Alliance, Gartner Greetings, Premier Greetings and American Greetings as well as President of Operations Plus, Inc., a company that supports business needs in the areas of administration, analysis and operations. His experience has allowed him to serve on a number of Boards and Associations. Mr. Meherg holds a B.S. in Business Administration, Operations Management, from the University of West Alabama.

Ed Clissold


Mr. Clissold has served as Park City Group’s General Counsel since March 2002. Prior to that, he served as General Counsel for Mrs. Fields’ Cookies from August 1987 to April 1995 and was also in private practice. Mr. Clissold holds a Bachelors degree in Finance from the University of Utah and a Law Dergree from Brigham Young University.

Christine Davidson


Ms. Davidson is the primary business contact for key retail and supplier accounts. Her team is responsible for establishing, maintaining and growing customer accounts by simultaneously working with internal teams and customer teams creating customer satisfaction by crafting enhancements, determining implementation methodologies, training options and materials to meet market needs. Prior to joining Park City Group, Ms. Davidson held management positions in the Caribbean, Scotland and Nigeria as well as in higher education in Britain and the United States. She also held numerous volunteer Board positions including one as the treasurer for a large inner city school. Originally from Scotland, her work ethic and drive is often recognized by both customers and colleagues alike. Ms. Davidson holds a business degree from Strathclyde University located in Glasgow, Scotland.

Jozef Jamrich


Mr. Jamrich is one of the original architects of Park City Group’s cloud-based Universal System Exchange Visibility & Analytics platforms. He is responsible for translating the company strategy into developing solutions such as Scan-based trading, DSD Visibility and Food Safety (ReposiTrak). He has extensive experience in business and ERP system design and implementation as well as systems integration. Mr. Jamrich holds a Master’s degree in Computer Technology & Robotics and an MBA from Texas A&M University.

Shaun Broadhead


Mr. Broadhead is responsible for leading the strategies and development of PCG’s Supply Chain Management platforms. His team designs and codes solutions for: Fresh Item Management; Demand, Inventory, and Replenishment Planning; Optimized Ordering; and Production Planning/Sequencing. Prior to joining Park City Group, Mr. Broadhead designed and developed support systems for the Operations and the Marketing departments of the 3Com Corporation. Mr. Broadhead also utilized some of the first desktop based database system in support of defense contractors Loral Corporation (Ford Aerospace) and Lockheed Martin. Mr. Broadhead holds a B.S. in Business Information Systems from Utah State University, with minors in Computer Science and Business Administration.

Kent Rice


Mr. Rice is the original architect of Park City Group’s Scan Based Trading platform and applications. He has been a significant contributor to the Company for over 15 years and is responsible for all customer integrations, implementations and support services. His team deploys technical solutions to address customer business issues based on business process designs and best practices. He has a deep background in retail systems integration, development and consulting. Mr. Rice’s background also includes database administration and project management. Prior work engagements include TG&Y stores, American Airlines and McDonnell Douglas. Mr. Rice holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Central Oklahoma.