ReposiTrak® provides food, pharma and dietary supplement retailers and suppliers with a robust cloud-based solution to help protect their brands and remain in compliance with business records and regulatory requirements such as the Food Safety Modernization Act and the Drug Quality and Security Act.

The ReposiTrak solution includes two main components:  Compliance Management and Track & Trace.

The Need for FSMA Compliance

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The Risks Are Worse Than You Think

Our studies show:

65% of Certificate of Liability Insurance is Missing or Expired
Nearly 11% of insurance minimum requirements were not met
36% of Hold Harmless Agreements are Missing or Expired
75% of Required Third Party Audits are Missing or Expired
29% of suppliers’ letters of continuing guarantee are missing or expired

We are the Industry Standard Solution

FMI logo“ReposiTrak augments our food and drug safety efforts…with a proven, comprehensive and easy-to-implement solution that doesn’t require systems changes and is extremely cost effective.”

– Dr. Hilary Thesmar, FMI VP for Food Safety Programs

logorofda“We see the ReposiTrak system becoming an industry standard for the retail supply chain, helping all trading partners meet the new federal food safety requirements, reducing unsalable products and keeping the end consumer healthy.”

–Francis Cameron, President & CEO of ROFDA.