How do I contact SQFI?

Toll Free Number: 1-877-277-2635
Telephone: +1 202-220-0635
Fax: +1 202-429-4519

Australia Contact Information
Telephone: +61 (0) 408 328 674

How do I sign in to my company account?

Click this link,  then enter your username and password.  If you are having problems remembering your password, please click here.

I Forgot my Password. How do I get a new one?

Click this link,  then enter in your email address as your username and your email address and you will be sent a temporary password.  If the email address that you used is not recognized by the application as a user, please send a request to to be added as a user.

How do I register my facility?

To register, log into ReposiTrak.  Click on the My Company tab, then select My Facilities.  Click on the Action button next to the facility you would like to register, then select Register for SQFI Food Safely Audit, or whichever audit you desire.  Then complete the process of registering.

I am not able to register my facility, the option to Register is not available?

Contact SQFI at or by phone at 202-220-0635

How do I update a facility name?

To change a facility name, click the My Company tab,  then select My Facilities, then click the Action button next to the facility you wish to edit, scroll down and select Update Facility. Once the facility name is updated, click Save.

How do I add a new facility?

To add a facility, click on the My Company tab, then select My Facilities. Use the Add button to add a facility. After adding the facility, you can use the Add button to connect the facility to your partners.

How can I receive the 30-60-90 expiration notifications for only my facility?

To update your notifications, click on the My Company tab, then My Users.  Next to your name use the Action button and select Update User.  At the bottom select the authorization type facilities.  Check the facilities this user is responsible for, then save.  You can also follow this process to select partners you are associated with.

To update the notifications you receive, click on the My Company tab, then select My Contacts for Notifications, select the Certification Audit application,  select the user, mark the frequency for each notification type, then Save.

Where do I find my corrective actions?

You can find your request for corrective actions by clicking on the Audit Compliance tab, then selectAudit Requests from the menu, then click Find.  Use the Action button next to the audit that is requiring corrective action to complete the corrective actions.

Where do I find my audit reports?

You can view your completed audits by clicking on the Audit Compliance tab, then select Audit Requests from the menu, then click Find.  Reports can be obtained by using the Action button next to the audit.

How do I add, update or delete a user?

To add, update or delete users, select the My Company tab, then select My Users.  From here you can use the Add User button  to add a new user.  The user will automatically receive log in credentials via email.  To update or delete users, use the Action button next to their name.  You are also able to reset the user password.  Users who have requested audits cannot be deleted (for tracking purposes).

How do I update my report notifications?

You can update who receives notifications by selecting the My Company tab, then select My Contact for Notifications.  Select Track & Trace as the application, then select the user.  You can select the notifications that you would like to receive and the frequency you would like to receive them, then Save.

Why does the status show payment pending, when I have paid?

Payment by credit card is process in batch overnight and will hold that Pending status until the following day when payment is applied and updated. If Payment was by check, SQFI will provide an invoice, once the payment is received and processed the statues will be updated from Pending.

How do I change a Certification Body?

Go to Audit Compliance tab and click Find.  If there is more than one pending audit, make sure to select the correct Request Nbr. Click the red Action button. In the drop down menu, select Change Certifying Body.  In the Certification Body field, click on the down arrow and select a new certification body.