Seller FAQs

How do I get my items into MarketPlace?

Once you are logged into ReposiTrak, click on the MarketPlace tab. If you have not already, request an invite to the MarketPlace. After, all you need to do is upload your items.

Buyer FAQs

How do I find products?

From the MarketPlace tab enter a keyword to begin your search (ex: beach to find beach-related products).  Other filters are also available to help you narrow your search.

What is a wishlist and how do I manage my wishlist?

The buyer can collect products of interest in a place called a wishlist to further review and compare item details. When viewing an item, the buyer can click the heart icon to add the item to a personal wishlist.

How do I request a sample?

When viewing the item detail, the buyer can request a sample and add notes for the seller by clicking Request a Sample from the menu.

How do I negotiate?

With a single click, either the buyer or the seller can propose changes involving delivery expectations, product details, product cost and other information.

How will I be notified of a counter proposal?

All onscreen actions generate an email to designated recipients and are also documented for both parties to review on screen.

How do I get the item information into my system?

As a buyer, uploading the item information can occur through generating an export of data with just a single click using a predefined export.