FAQs - Compliance Management

Regarding your account

Your ReposiTrak account has different user roles. One is the Corporate Administrator role. This role can edit users and their roles. This type user can also enroll in another solution when requested by a customer. If you do not know who this is, contact your Customer Success Manager or ReposiTrak Customer Support at support@repositrak.com.

To add a new user to your ReposiTrak account, contact your company’s account administrator. If you are unsure who that is, contact your customer success manager by email by clicking the Email “your customer success manager’s name” on this screen, or by calling their direct line. Otherwise, reach out by phone to 888-842.5465 for assistance.

Navigate to My Company, My Users. Select a User and click Action beside a user and select Update User Profile from the Manage/Update menu. Navigate to the tab to edit:

  • User – update any information (remember fields with leading red pipes are required to proceed)
  • Roles – review available roles and check the box beside the applicable roles.
  • Corporate Administrator? – remember there can be more than one.
  • Authorised to Item & Cost? – this role can respond to item requests and may not be needed yet.
  • Can manage Campaign Prospects? – this role can add and edit campaign prospects.
  • Authorizations – (touch on ability to pre-filter by vendors, vendor groups, facility or facility groups for future use)
  • Notifications – Select Compliance Management in the Application field. Review the Notification Types and indicate the which Alerts, Exceptions & Notifications that a typical user chooses to receive and on what schedule (immediately, weekly, daily).
  • Images – Suggest the user add their photo.

Navigate to My Company, My Users. Click Action beside your name. Navigate to the Notifications tab within your user profile. Select Compliance Management in the Application field. Review the Notification Types and indicate which Alerts, Exceptions & Notifications you wish to receive and on what schedule (immediately, weekly, daily).

A supplier is the parent company that has a relationship with a customer for supplying product. A facility produces product on behalf of the supplier. A supplier may have one or more facilities that produce product. A facility may be part of the supplier’s corporation, or may be an independent facility contracted to produce goods for the supplier.

Food safety audits are conducted at the facility-level. To ensure your customer has appropriate facility-related audit results, information for that facility must be entered into your account profile.

If you have more than one facility, enter the information for each facility during the enrollment process. Facility information can also be added at any time from within your ReposiTrak account on the My Company tab.

The process is the same whether a facility is part of the supplier’s corporation, or is on a contract to produce goods on behalf of the supplier.

Within the ReposiTrak application there are several locations on each screen with contextual help. Look for the question marks. A screen will slide out with help along with links to video help for relevant topics on the immediate screen.

Regarding your Partners

In order to complete a request from a new partner, the user must be authorized as the ‘sign-up administrator’. New partner requests will be shown in the Compliance Center along with current partners. The new partner will show no icons in the Setup, Questions, Documents or Document Compliance columns. Select Action beside the new partner request and click Setup Not Yet Complete. Proceed through the questionnaire to begin.

Your customer is responsible for removing your company as a servicing supplier from the connection to your account. They may be researching your vendor status to ensure they are making the correct change.

Regarding Compliance Management Documents

Uploading Certificates of Insurance is now easier than ever. Click ACTION, then Add… and proceed through the instructional screens to upload your certificate. If your policies were purchased from multiple brokers and you have multiple certificates, uploading all certificates in the same process is now supported. Should your policies or coverages not meet the requirement of your customer, a pre-filled email is provided for you to use in expediting a request to your insurance broker.

Your document has failed the preliminary initial automated review based on your customer’s requirements.  Use the Action button next to the requirement; then select View Attributes from the drop-down menu.  The items highlighted do not meet the predesignated requirement.  Your customer’s requirement can be viewed by clicking the show requirements box in the upper right portion of the block.

Update the requirement by selecting Update Attributes… from the Action button drop down menu.

If you need to request an exemption to meet your partner’s requirements for a document, you will need to upload the document, then use the Action button to select Request Exemption, then fill out the request and submit it for your partner’s review.

When this has occurred, it indicates that when your partner (who has chosen to manually review the document in question) failed the document.  Review your partner’s comments by selecting the Action button next to the required document, then selecting View Review Status. They should explain why your document failed and what you need to do to make corrections.  The reviewer’s contact information can be found by selecting the My Partners tab, selecting Customer Contacts, then Find.

ReposiTrak does an initial automated review of your document based on your partner’s requirements.  The final review of your document and the timing of their review is the responsibility of your partner.

If you are attempting to re-upload a revised version of your document with the same effective dates, you must first remove the current version.  Click Action and select Delete Document or you can select View Document History and delete multiple versions.

If a template is available for download, obtain the template by clicking the Action button beside the document, then scroll to the bottom of the drop-down menu and select Download Template.

Click on the Action button beside the document and select eSign Document. Use your web browser print functionality to print the document. After signing the document, you can click on the document name which will provide you with the document and the e-signature information. You can also print the document from your web browser.

We pride ourselves in using the latest technology for optical character recognition (OCR) which is machine reading for scanned documents.  However, the ability to scan the document correctly depends greatly on the clarity of the document print, and just like human reading of documents it isn’t foolproof, there is a probability that machine reading of documents can also result in errors.  This can be due to:

  • Handwriting that cannot be confirmed as characters
  • Bad image quality or low resolution due to poor document quality at the time of upload
  • A high number of field validation requirements in a document

OCR can scan 70% of documents successfully. The roughly 30% of documents that fail can be reduced depending on your business rules requirements.  If you need certainty regarding information provided in certain documents such as signatures or dates, those flagged documents will be put into a review queue for your approval. To a large extent you are in control of how many documents you will need to manually review based on how strict your business rules are.

The documents that your customer requires will be listed as you near completion of enrollment and they will appear on your account for you to review. They are typically a mix of business and regulatory documents that relate to your company and your facilities. There may also be item-specific-related document requirements if your customer is requiring item-level compliance information such as product specifications.

ReposiTrak helps with compliance but we do not decide what is or is not compliant. The system will communicate your concerns back to a qualified contact with your customer who will review your situation and accept or deny.

The status of the document will show Specs Not Met if the document uploaded contained information that did not meet the requirements of your customer.

Requests to allow an exemption of a specific piece of information on a required document, or to allow an exemption of an entire document take time for your customer to review to ensure they are making the correct decision.

If your customer has requested that you provide item profile information for document requirements to be assessed and assigned, navigate to your Compliance Center, and click the Item Setup Icon, then click Action next to the customer and item name you wish to add an item profile for. Choices are to Create a New Item, Connect to Existing Item or Refuse the Request if the item is not yours. Items may also be managed from the Item & Cost tab, by choosing Manage Items for my Customer, choosing the Customer and proceeding to select Action beside the item you wish to manage the item profile for.