ReposiTrak MarketPlace | Target Store Ordering FAQs

How do I sign in?
Enter AC.PARKCITYGROUP.COM into your browser. On this login screen, you will enter your username which is the email address formatted as and for the initial time, the temporary password you received in the email from ReposiTrak Support. Subsequent sign-ins will use the password you set. Then, click the blue MarketPlace button.

Where do I obtain a Username and Password?
Only Store Director (SD) personnel will have access to order. If your store is approved to order from the MarketPlace and you are the SD and you have not received an email containing the web address, contact Park City Group/ReposiTrak Support at 435.645.2020 or by email at

How do I change my password?
Click AC.PARKCITYGROUP.COM. Enter your username in the Username field and select Reset Password. Follow the directions provided on screen to reset your password.

When I log in, I don’t see a button called Beach Catalog. Where do I begin?
Under Events and Initiatives, select Place and View Store Orders, then you will see the events you are approved to order from.

What vendor number do I use?
For the Beach, Tailgating (non-licensed) and Cheesehead events, Park City Group is your vendor of record. The vendor number is #1978289 – Park City Group. For the Fan Central (Licensed) Picnic Time Assortment event, use vendor number #1127733 – Picnic Time Vendor.

How do I create an Order?
Under Events and Initiatives, select Place and View Store Orders then select Action next to the event and choose Place Order. For detailed directions, watch this short video. MarketPlace Store Ordering (4:52)

Why is the system asking for multiple DSD PO#’s?
There are multiple vendors providing items in the event assortment. Each vendor will require a unique purchase order (PO) number. Sometimes a single vendor may also require multiple PO numbers.

I need to cancel an order. How do I do that?
To cancel an order, contact Park City Group/ReposiTrak Support at 888-842-5465.

Who do I call if I have technical issues while ordering online?
For questions about technical issues while placing an order, contact Park City Group/ReposiTrak Support. They can be reached by phone at 888-842-5465; or by Email at Please provide your store number, name and return phone number.

I have a special circumstance and need to order more than the casepack max. What do I do?
Contact They will approve or deny the request and give you next steps on how to place a special order.

I don’t see an item in the event that I was expecting to order. How can I get that added?
Contact to inform Target of missing assortment needs. Target will look to find a vendor to source an item and update the event if the item becomes available.

I have feedback or concerns about an item in the catalog, who do I contact?

How do I review orders I’ve placed?
Under Events and Initiatives, select Place and View Store Orders. Then select Action next to the Event for which you placed an order, then choose View Orders.

What does each order status mean?
Open = Pending order waiting to ship; Closed = Order was shipped, either full or partial; Rejected = Order was canceled and will not ship.

Is a “back order” created when an order is marked “closed” but is only partially filled?
No, a new order must be created for items not filled in a previous order marked Closed.

What should I expect after placing an order?
You will receive an email confirmation once an order is placed.

How should I expect product to be delivered to the store?
The product should be delivered through the receiving door, not the front door.  The shipment should have a store sticker to easily identify key info.  The invoice should be inside the box so it doesn’t tear/damage/become lost.

What to look for on the invoice?
There should only be one invoice number and it should be the same as when the store ordered from ReposiTrak MarketPlace.

Does the store have to sign for the product when it arrives?
Due to COVID 19, a signature is not required unless the invoice numbers don’t match, then a signature will be required.

Why are there California Proposition 65 warning labels on products?
California Proposition 65 requires companies selling certain products in the state of CA to provide warnings about chemicals in the products that the state of California has determined can cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Some manufacturers have decided to include the labels with all their products that include the chemicals on the California list, regardless of the state the product is shipped to, so you may see these labels appearing in your stores in states other than California. You or your guests with questions about the labels can find out more at this state of California web site.

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