What is ReposiTrak MarketPlace?
The MarketPlace is an online application that enables retailers and wholesalers to search ReposiTrak’s community of compliant suppliers, and bring new products to market in just a fraction of the time.  Unlike other electronic supplier catalogs, the MarketPlace solution is the first of its kind to automate and guide the sourcing process from end-to-end, and includes supplier qualification, order negotiation and on-boarding of a new supplier.

Is the MarketPlace for food and non-food suppliers?

Will I need to invest in software or hardware?
There is no software installation or hardware purchase required.  The MarketPlace is completely cloud-based and accessible through the web.

FAQs for Sellers

How does it help me, I’m a seller?
The MarketPlace helps suppliers leverage compliance to have their products discovered by retailers, enables communication and provides required data all through the online application making new product introductions occur in a fraction of the time.

How long does it take to create a product profile?
It only takes minutes to either upload or key in your information making your product information instantly available for buyers to discover.

What will buyers see?
Once you sign up, you can load the items that you want to share by filling out the required fields which have been selected to support what our buyers want to see.

Can other sellers see my product and cost information?
Other sellers cannot view your product or cost information.

How will I know if a buyer is interested in my product?
You will receive an email notification when a buyer initiates communication with you.

How do I know that the buyers are able to make decisions for their company?
All buyers are validated when they sign up.  They do not have access to MarketPlace until they have been approved.

Who are your Buyers?
ReposiTrak retail and wholesale customers are among the industry’s largest and most well-known. You can find a complete list at www.repositrak.com/our-customers/

Can I control which buyers see my items?
Yes, if you don’t want certain buyers to be able to view your items, they will not see them.

If I would like my broker to manage MarketPlace for me, can my broker sign up my products for me?
Yes, they can.  The broker would need to be added by you as a user on your account.  This also gives you the opportunity to decide what their user profile would be able to access.

If a new customer responds how am I notified?
The broker would receive the request for information, sample request or orders and would be able to forward the request to you for fulfillment.

Can my broker manage my ReposiTrak account?
We would recommend that you assign someone responsible for Food Safety Compliance, Risk Management or Supply Chain Management at your company to manage ReposiTrak.  If there are situations that require you to enable them to manage ReposiTrak, the broker would need to be added by you as a user on your account.  This also gives you the opportunity to decide what their user profile would be able to access.

FAQs for Buyers

How does it help me, I’m a buyer?
The MarketPlace helps buyers find compliant suppliers who meet their requirements and enables communication, and automated on-boarding of data all in a single tool.

How can I get an account to begin to search for products in the MarketPlace?
Suppliers are currently loading their items and details so buyers will soon have thousands of items to search from.

How can I get a demo of the MarketPlace for my buying team?
Contact our Business Development team at Sales@parkcitygroup.com to discuss arranging a demo.

How do I find products?
There is a robust search engine that enables filtration.

What is a wishlist and how do I manage my wishlist?
The buyer can collect products of interest in a place to further review and compare item details.

How do I request a sample?
With a single click on screen, the buyer can request a sample and add notes for the seller.

How do I negotiate?
With a single click, either the buyer or the seller can propose changes involving delivery expectations, product details, product cost and other information.

How will I be notified of a counter proposal?
All onscreen actions generate an email to designated recipients and are also documented for both parties to review on screen.

How do I get the item information into my system?
As a buyer, uploading the item information can occur through generating an export of data with just a single click using a predefined export.