FAQs - Supply Chain Solutions

Scan-based trading (SBT) customers will periodically see errors from submitted Sales, Delivery or Count files.  Here are three of the most common errors and how to correct them. Note that in some cases Park City Group (PCG) will be associated with a file name. Some file names may have been updated to ReposiTrak.

  1. Supplier Item does not exist or Ref Item config is incorrect – Add the Item with the correct Cost(s) and Offer it to the Retailer(s).
  2. Item does not have a Cost in Effect – Make sure all affected Cost Zones have a Cost for the Item in error.
  3. Cannot send new sales data for already accepted Store Day  – Verify whether the Sales that caused the error were valid additional Sales or erroneously transmitted by the Retailer as a duplicate scan Sales file (…in which case, these will err as they should). Either your Retailer partner or ReposiTrak Technical Support can validate this.

Note:Most Item and Cost level Errors are eligible to automatically reprocess the Sunday following correction, if what caused the Error is repaired within 45 days.  Best Practice? Monitor Errors and correct them quickly.

Along with certain Scan Sales Errors, you may also receive a Cost Discrepancy Report.   This is not an “error”.  It is a notification letting you know that the Cost attached to the Item sent in the Sales file (“Submitted Net Cost”) does not match the Cost that the Supplier shows in their catalog for the Item (“PCG Net Cost”).   Verify that the Supplier’s Cost is correct.  If so – notify the Retailer that the Cost they are sending is wrong.   If the Supplier’s Cost is wrong, makes sure it is updated as soon as possible.  Cost changes cannot be back-dated.

If PCG expects to receive batch files from you containing Item information (either through an Upload, over FTP or AS2) – it is usually best to send your new Items in that way, however – these can be added online, as well. Adding a new Item to your catalog online is a 3-Step process.   From the Add Items to My Item Catalog screen, you will begin by adding the Item information (description, Item #, UPC and size), then Next Step - add the Cost information and Next Step - Offer the Item to the Retailer.

If ReposiTrak is configured to receive batch files from your company containing Cost information (either through an Upload, over FTP or AS2) – it is usually best to submit your Cost changes that way, however – these can be added online, as well.

Update your Pricing online from the Manage Costs and Retails for Multiple Items screen.   Enter the Effective Date for the new Cost at the top.  Highlight your Cost Zone(s) affected in the box.  In the fields below, enter your Item Number and the new Regular Cost.   Validate and Save. If your new Costs are intended to be dated Temporary Costs, you can also enter an Allowance and an End Date.  When you Validate – the Net Cost is calculated. 

Keep in mind - when the End Date rolls around – the Item’s Cost will return to the Regular Cost that is in effect.  (“Regular Cost” is the one with no End Date.) Also, in this screen – information entered in the top area can be default information that will affect every Item number you enter at the bottom.

So, you can easily update 10 different Items with the same Costs and dates. Certain Suppliers will use real “Promotions” which are added from the “Manage Promotions” screen.   It is best not to mix both real Promotions and Temporary Costs in your pricing catalog.  If you need assistance with real Promotions, contact technical support directly for assistance via email at support@repositrak.com.

Retailers will usually add their own Stores and Store Supplier Profiles.  Suppliers may view these Stores from the View Retailer Stores screen.  As a Supplier, you can only update your own “Supplier Store ID” from that screen.  Additionally, certain suppliers may be authorized to add your Retailers’ Stores and Store Supplier Profiles under certain circumstances. Again, this can be done through the View Retailer Stores screen.

When one of the Retailers a Supplier is working on behalf of is chosen, you will also see an option at the bottom to Add the Store Profile (for new Stores) and Add/Update the Supplier Profile for a Store.

Add new Stores for a date on or before the date of your first Delivery to the Store. A good practice is to look at how your previous Stores for that Partner have been set up and add the new Store/Store Supplier Profile in the same fashion.

At times, scan sales files may not be received from ReposiTrak at the expected time.   Keep in mind - in most cases, files inbound to ReposiTrak will process immediately upon receipt and the sales data will be exported based on the schedule set in your account. If an expected file is missing, a best practice is to first go to the Item Movement tab.  Click View Consumer Sales by Store. Select the sales date and click Find.  If the sales for the stores and day are not shown, the retailer has not submitted them and can be contacted.   If sales are shown onscreen for the store/day, contact support@repositrak.com for assistance with having these scans re-sent.

Navigate to Manage My Item Catalog and search for the item in question. Click the link showing the UPC. In the next screen, click the Add button and add your new UPC first. Then, delete the original UPC by clicking the Action button next to it.

Please note changing Item Numbers requires special authorization. Bring the item up in Manage Item Catalog. Click the Item Number (this should allow you to update) and then click Save. If the field is not accessible by you, contact technical support at support@repositrak.com.

Counts must be submitted and/or updated within 35 days of the Count date. Shrink must be settled within 120 days of the Count date.   Email support@repositrak.com to ask for a special temporary authorization to work outside those limits - up to 120 days for adding or updating a Count and up to 180 days for settling a Count.

Under Item Movement choose the menu item called View Consumer Sales.  You can choose different ways to view the data along with choosing the store(s) you want to see.  This report is limited to looking at 7 days of Sales at a time along with viewing Sales history up to 6 months. Contact support@repositrak.com to request Sales data outside of six months old. You can also display Sales for all Stores for one day, up to 6 months old, by choosing View Consumer Sales by Store.

You can run both a Delivery by Item report or a Delivery Summary from the Item Movement tab in the View Deliveries by ID screen.  Search for the data you want to view, then at the bottom, there are buttons for both options.

From the Inventory and Shrink tab, under Inventory, you will see the Review Shrink button.  By default, this screen will bring up the most recent inventory counts submitted to the system that are “eligible to settle” when you click Find.  If you want to view shrink different than these last counts, edit the search criteria on the screen and click Find.

If your company has been set up with a ReposiTrak Security Administrator (SA), this person should have been given the authority to add or remove a user.  If you don’t know this person or you do not have an SA, you can contact ReposiTrak Support at support@repositrak.com.